Tender chicken recipes to tantalize and delight

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There are so many chicken recipes that perhaps, chicken can be considered one of our most staple foods.

A recent T.V. program I watched suggested that there are 4 chickens available for each person on the face of the earth.

I think that over the years I have consumed a bit more than my fair share.

To me there doesn’t seem to be a single recipe that could not include this fine-feathered friend.

I can remember visiting my families’ old homestead on the Gaspé Peninsula as a youngster. My grandmother had the best chicken recipes. “Go bring me 2 lazy hens” she would say.

Tender chicken recipes to tantalize and delight

Then she would tell me that this gave the others extra incentive to lay more eggs. Funny how the next morning there always seemed to be an excellent quantity of eggs collected.

Enough reminiscing lets take a quick peek at the recipes that we will be cooking in this section.

We will start the chicken festivities by cooking up a delightful, light and savory lemon chicken.

From there we will move on to 2, more hardy recipes. The first is a sumptuous and satisfying chicken stew, and the second a smooth stick to your ribs chicken corn chowder.

This chowder recipe is one of my grand mothers favorites. She would simmer it all day on the old wood fired stove, so it converted to the crockpot with ease.

She would say, “Nothing welcomes a person home more than the smell of great cooking”.

The next recipe will be a bit of a lighter fare.

This chicken and rice is one of those dinners that you just can’t get enough of.

And now for an all time favorite, chicken wing recipe.

Dinner or snack, it is a difficult call isn’t it.

I suppose you could just make as much as possible for dinner and what ever may be left over call it a snack.

And now for a garlic chicken recipe that will have your taste buds doing back flips.

This particular dinner goes very well with a salad on the side.

Next up to the plate is a bit of a sticky recipe but sticky can be fun. Just wait and see for yourself.

What I am talking about here is honey and garlic chicken legs or as my son used to call them “sticky legs”.

These legs are yummy, juicy and sticky all at the same time, what a great meal.

Of course if you have sticky you know that you must also have a sweet and sour chicken recipe as well. You know very well that if you make honey garlic it won’t be long before someone will suggest sweet and sour.

Therefore you can head them off at the pass, so to speak, and have it all ready to go.

Now for the last two recipes in this particular collection, one for chicken thighs and one for of course a whole chicken.

Cooking chicken pieces is great but there might just come a day when you will need to do a whole one.