Terroir Of Mount Veeder Vineyards

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Mount Veeder Vineyards are located in the southwestern hills within the broader Napa Valley AVA. The region’s eastern border is the County line with Sonoma. It ecompasses the foothills on the Napa side down to 400 feet above sea level.

Because Mount Veeder receives more rainfall than the eastern hills or the valley floor, the topsoil is significantly thinner than other Napa Valley AVAs. The soils are relatively unfertile and very well-drained, forcing vineyard roots to extend deep into the ground to search for water pockets in the rocky earth.

The results are healthy vines that are not succeptible to changing weather patterns. Mount Veeder Vineyards produce a limited amount of thick-skinned grapes that have remarkable flavor concentration. The best wines from the region are able to extract the opulent flavors of the grapes without being overly tannic.

The Hess Collection 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon is an affordable example of what the mountain vines in this area are capable of. This wine truly captures the rustic terroir of the mountainous AVA. It is a forward wine that is not rough around the edges.

Terroir Of Mount Veeder Vineyards

The mountainous AVA is generally above the fog-line, but is exposed to winds from the San Pablo Bay. Temperatures in the Mount Veeder AVA are generally warmer in the morning than the valley floor. This is because the region is rarely affected by morning fog. Afternoons on the mountain can be quite breezy, and are generally cooler than the valley floor.

The warm weather suits Syrah production extremely well. The grapes used for the Jade Mountain 2000 Mt Veeder Paras Vineyard Syrah  are grown at an elevation of 1200 feet. The unfertile soils ensure a wine of complexity and depth. The steep slopes receive abundant sunshine, and gives the wine forward fruit flavors to balance out the product. This is one of my favorite Syrahs.

The mountain soils of the Mount Veeder Vineyards produce scarce, high-quality wines that reflect the region’s remarkable terroir. Unlike most AVAs, winemakers from Mount Veeder have flavor to spare. Their goal is to balance the concentrated flavors with other components.