Testing In Self-Hypnosis

How Deep?

Testing in self-hypnosis will indicate to you if you are getting to a deep level. It’s hard to know just how well you are doing until you test.

Here are a few suggestions to try after you have gone into self-hypnosis and used the deepening technique that works best for you. Some people find that they use more than one deepener and that’s o.k.

Test # 1 Warm Hands

“My hands are relaxing more and more. They are beginning to feel warm. The blood flow is increasing to my hands as I relax, causing them to become warmer and warmer.”

Test # 2 Heavy Arms

“My arms are feeling very heavy. It feels like they have turned to cement. If I could see them they would even look like cement. They are resting heavily on the chair and feel like they could sink right into the chair.”

Test # 3 Disappearing Hands

“My hands are beginning to lose all feeling. It’s as if they are disappearing altogether. All feeling is leaving my hands. In my mind they no longer exist.”

Testing In Self Hypnosis

Test # 4 Eyes Stuck

“The muscles around my eyes are relaxing. My eyes are relaxing all the way to the point that the muscles wouldn’t work, even if I wanted them to.” (Then give them a little test to see if they really won’t work.)

Individual Style

Change these examples to suit yourself. If you relate better to the image of water being heavy instead of cement, then change the suggestion to “My hands and arms are filling up with water….”

The image of glue on the eyes to stick them together works better for some than the relaxing muscles.

Use the word “numb” if you relate better to that image than disappearing hands. Again, use what works for you.

You know yourself and so you can engineer the suggestions for testing in self-hypnosis to suit your style and the way you respond.

Step It Up

If you find that these tests very easy to achieve. Make it a little harder by using your feet instead of your hands. See if you can make them float (or feel like they are floating) instead of being heavy.