Testing With Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

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The Next Level

Suggestions that you give yourself in self-hypnosis that don’t take effect until after you have exited are called post hypnotic suggestions.

If you are having good success with the testing during self-hypnosis then you may want to try one of these. Take yourself into trance, go to a nice deep level then give yourself a suggestion. Here are a couple as an example.

  • “For the rest of the day, every time the phone rings I feel an urge to scratch my nose.”
  • “For the rest of the day, whenever I see the colour red I feel an urge to drink a glass of water.”
  • “For the rest of the day, whenever I see a car turn left, I feel an urge to laugh out loud.”

Testing With Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Notice that each suggestion has a time limit. Depending on what you want to happen in your life, you can use it or delete it.

Repeat the suggestions a few times, imagining, in whatever way you can, that you are really doing it.


And of course, any suggestion that you give yourself for habit change (whether for stress reduction, weight loss or any other) is also post-hypnotic. These are just little tests that prove to yourself, and maybe others, that suggestions given in self-hypnosis do work.