Texas Holdem Poker Strategies – The River Card

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If you have “the nuts” on the river, the best possible hand, then obviously your goal is to get as much money into the pot as you possibly can.

If you have nothing, like you missed your draw and have only ace high, don’t bet or call any bets. Bluffing in low-limit Holdem usually won’t work……… but every hand is unique.

Against a very tight player heads-up, a bluff may work, especially if the river card is a scare card putting a possible straight or flush on the board. Maybe he’s also missed his draw?

Again,  you must carefully watch how your opponents play each hand throughout the game to know how, and when, you can take advantage of their unique playing style.

Normally you should only bet when  you expect and want  them to  call you.

If you have top pair and a descent kicker you should probably bet on the river as long as the board isn’t scary. At least you should bet against one or two opponents. The more opponents, the more you should be worried of being beaten.

Usually in low-limit Holdem you should play your cards in a straight forward manner. Don’t get fancy with bluffs and check-raises. Get your money in when you have the best of it, fold when your gut tells you that you’re beat.

Texas Holdem Poker Strategies   The River Card

  • 1. The key to playing the river is to know your opponents style of play. Against a very aggressive player who over plays weak hands you should raise if you believe your hand is best. Against a very solid, tight player who bets into you…….  think seriously about folding on the river unless you have a very strong hand.

  • 2.  Always be aware of the best possible hand by paying close attention to the board cards. If you have two pair you probably have the best hand, but watch out for possible straights and flushes.

  • 3.  Anytime there is a pair on the board it’s possible that somebody has a full-house.

  • 4. Straight forward, non-fancy play will usually take home the money in low-limit Holdem.

       In A Nut-Shell

  • Only play strong hands from the start.

  • Play very few hands from early position.

  • Fold when you feel you are beat.

  • Bet or raise powerful hands. Don’t slow-play.

  • Go with a draw only with descent pot-odds.

Play your cards in a straight forward manner on the river but mix-up your play once in a while by bluffing, slow-playing and check-raising.

Now go take their money.