The 12 Houses in Astrology: Why a House is not a Home

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The 12 Houses in Astrology represent the 12 different Departments of Life. Each House shows how we manifest our energies in that particular aspect of Life. Any planets found in the House manifest their characteristics through the various areas of Life shown below. Each House has a natural ruling sign and planet, starting with Aries and Mars in the First House.

First House (Aries & Mars)

This House is the most important House of the birth chart because it contains the Ascendant, or the Rising Sign, the sign on the Eastern horizon at your time of birth. This is the House of your personality as it defines how others view you, how you present yourself to the rest of the world. It also defines your physical appearance, physical health and overall vitality. Any planet found in this House, especially if it is close to the Ascendant (10 degrees or less) will have a particularly strong influence on your personality, appearance and behavior, as its qualities are being ‘magnified’.

Second House (Taurus & Venus)

This House rules your possessions, finances and how you handle money in general. It reveals your attitudes about security and your definition of ‘possessiveness’ in general, including towards objects and people. There is a powerful link between emotional and financial security here. This House indicates how you balance the need between emotional and financial security, whether you sacrifice one in favor of the other.

Third House (Gemini & Mercury)

This House rules neighbors and closest relatives (excluding parents) including siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts. Any problems or issues with these relations will be indicated in this House placement. In addition, this House is concerned with correspondence, studies and communications, short-distance travel (both physical and mental), like the decisions made in relocation.

The 12 Houses in Astrology: Why a House is not a Home

Fourth House (Cancer & The Moon)

This House rules your home and family, environment, and your parents, especially your Mother. It is also indicative of how you react to your parents and how harmonious the parent-child relationship is. It gives the strongest hint of your real attitude towards your parents. In addition, this House also rules home and property and the home life. If there is strong activity, this may manifest as a preoccupation or obsession with the past.

Fifth House (Leo & The Sun)

This House rules creativity, investment, speculation and amusement, children, sex and recreation. Creativity is not only restricted to the arts but refers to both abstract and concrete objects that have taken form due to your own creative source. Since creativity is often stimulated by one’s upbring i.e. the parents, this House is also concerned with the parent-child relationship from the parent’s perspective. In addition, this House has a strong association with pleasure and deals with your attitudes regarding love, romance, the act of love, having children – how you transform the emotional and spiritual aspect of love into physical form.

Sixth House (Virgo & Mercury)

This House rules your work and daily routine, your service to others and your health, well-being in general. Whereas the First House is concerned with physical health, this House has more to do with personal hygiene and diet, which may or may not contribute to the physical well-being of an individual. It also indicates how you handle everyday work and routine, whether in business or raising a family. This House measures your level of discipline with daily routine and whether you are a slave to routine or a victim of disorganization.

Seventh House (Libra & Venus)

This House rules marriage and partnerships and is where you find your spouse and business partner. In particular, it highlights your attitudes and feelings towards emotional relationships and reveals your deep-rooted attitudes in matters pertaining to love like what kind of partner you seek and how you maintain harmony and balance in your partnerships. This House also indicates your level of self-sufficiency and independence in an emotional relationship. The seventh House is often interpreted along with the Fifth House (the House of creativity and love affairs). Together, they give a more thorough indication of your attitude towards relationships, romance, the act of love and having children.

Eighth House (Scorpio & Pluto)

This House rules joint finances, taxes, inheritances, your partner’s money (business or marriage partner), sex and bonding of a spiritual nature. It is also sometimes referred to as the ‘House of Death’, which is symbolic of transformational changes, regeneration, death and rebirth. The Eighth House is traditionally considered the house of the primal life force and inevitably linked with sex. Any issues associated with crime, research and investigation are also indicated here.

Ninth House (Sagittarius & Jupiter)

This House rules long-distance travel, higher learning in general including philosophy, ethics, religion and your in-laws. It indicates your philosophical attitudes towards religion, spiritual matters and ongoing education. Distance travel, both physically and mentally, is indicative of this House.

Tenth House (Capricorn & Saturn)

This House, which is also commonly referred to as the Midheaven, rules your career, social status and your position in the community. It not indicates your deepest aspirations but also reveals how well you deal with responsibility and authority. This House also represents the Father, and reveals you attitudes towards family, traditional values and responsibility. It is often indicative of major career changes or changes in social status or work responsibilities.

Eleventh House (Aquarius & Uranus)

This House rules friendship, hopes and wishes, associations and institutions. It reveals how you relate to other people on the social level and your interactions with the world at large, especially your attitudes concerning humanity like social injustice, political oppression and ecology. This House in especially indicative of how much time you are likely to spend engaging in charitable or humanitarian causes and how well you work with others in large groups.

Twelfth House (Pisces & Neptune)

This House rules the subconscious mind, the darker aspect of the psyche such as secrets, mystery, confinements and restrictions. Also commonly referred to as the House of Undoing with its themes of escapism, seclusion and isolation, it is traditionally linked with mental institutions, hospitals and prisons. This House is indicative of the fundamental nature of deep psychological difficulties within the individual. If a planet is found here, especially when it is very close to the Ascendant, it clearly reveals that a deeply buried problem or issue must be excavated.