The 4-Elements: Earth is my Body, Water my Blood, Air is my Breath and Fire my Spirit…

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The 12 Zodiac Signs comprise of the 4 elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, which are the principal building blocks; the DNA of Astrology. All living organisms are inter-related, inter-connected. Without one or the other, there will be an imbalance in the nature of matter. Put together, the 4 elements create the primary Life Force.

If you know your elemental makeup and which element you are dominant or lacking in, you will find that you’re prone to either over expressing or suppressing those traits associated with that particular element. Consequently, you may gravitate towards those individuals whose dominant elemental makeup is the one you are lacking in, in order to create some form of balance in your own personality.

A perfect balance of all 4 elements would result in an individual having physical, emotional, mental health, combined with personal spiritual contact. However, in reality, this is rarely the case. Most, if not all, individuals are born lopsided or unbalanced in elemental make-up. The concept of elemental compatibility is an old one in the study of Astrology. The theory behind this is that all individuals are made up of the 4 elements in varying degrees. However, it is rarely the case that a birth chart consists of equal elemental dominance as most individuals are born ‘lopsided’ or unbalanced in elemental makeup.


ARIES, LEO & SAGITTARIUS. Fire is pure life energy. Fire signs and those with heavy emphasis of the Fire element in their charts are energetic, impulsive, reckless, me-oriented and impatient. Fire signs are the most individualistic people of the zodiac. Their world revolves around them and it is only from focusing on themselves and their needs that they know who they really are. This is why they are often portrayed as being ego-driven and self-centered.

The element of Fire also rules spiritual interests and Fire sign people are driven on a lifetime quest to find out who they are at their innermost core before they are able to relate to anyone else. Fire signs seek excitement, attention from others, love to be entertained and dislike routine and monotony. Being feelers of the highest enthusiasm, their passionate natures often cause them to act before thinking, which may result in some messy situations eventually. As much as they strive for excitement, they need to feel challenged as well. Freedom to them is an integral part of life as instant, spontaneous gratification is what they crave for. This could make them appear to be irresponsible and self-centered to the other elemental groups.

The 4 Elements: Earth is my Body, Water my Blood, Air is my Breath and Fire my Spirit...


TAURUS, VIRGO & CAPRICORN. Earth signs are the most stable, grounded, pragmatic and sensual people of the four elements. To Earth signs and those with heavy emphasis of the Earth element in their charts, concepts like loyalty, stability and security, in both emotional and financial matters, are important to them. They tend to go for the concrete, tangible things in life, whereas wild schemes or fantasies with no basis in reality are not feasible to them.

Earth signs are also very sensual as their sense are the most finely attuned of the 4 elements. Being so much in touch with their own bodies and the tangible surroundings, material creation is important to them. They gain an innate sense of self-confidence only when they have gained mastery over the material realm. Organization, planning, determination and tenacity are right up their alley and this heavy sense of responsibility can bog them down, resulting in stagnation on many levels. Because Earth signs are essentially simplistic and predictable with an eye for material comfort and security, they often go for the tried and tested, instead of taking risks and seeking new challenges and excitement in life.


GEMINI, LIBRA & AQUARIUS. Air signs and those who have heavy emphasis of the Air element in their charts are mental, analytical and highly imaginative and creative. They naturally gravitate towards others who are intelligent and require a lot of space, freedom and autonomy to be their own individuals. They trust their logic and rationalization above their intuition and are always trying to figure matters out with their heads. Self-confidence is innate in them only when they have gained mastery over the communicative aspect in their interpersonal relationships.

Because Air signs can be so emotionally aloof, detached and changeable, they can have an aversion to commitment and being pined down in a relationship. Despite being often charming, communicative and magnetic with their socializing skills, they are prone to having brief, superficial interactions and encounters which lack staying power. Along with Fire signs, Air signs have the hardest time with commitment and are the most prone to switching gears mid-way. When emotional scenes overwhelm or suffocate them, they often retreat by hiding or completely disappearing. They can be so out of touch with their own emotions that they become terribly confused about the feeling realm.


CANCER, SCORPIO & PISCES. Water signs are the most emotional, sensitive and subjective individuals of the zodiac. To Water signs and those with a heavy emphasis of the Water element in their charts, the watery world of the feeling realm is often a place which they retreat in when they feel emotionally stressed. Intuitive and introverted, they are like psychic sponges which soaks up both the positive and negative vibes of those around them. Water signs are deeply complex individuals and are the most enigmatic of the zodiac. Because their sense of worth is so closely tied to their moods and feelings which momentarily change, they can have a difficult time dealing with the harsh reality around them. Their perceptiveness can be both a blessing or a curse.

Water signs gain self-confidence only when they have gained mastery over their own emotions and created deep, meaningful emotional connections with others. When they are unable to express their deepest emotions because they are too overwhelmed by the intensity, they often shut down out of fear. Of all the elements, Water signs are romantic and the least likely to marry for money. They are also inclined towards spiritual studies and psychological vocations as they seek to find meaning and an understanding of life as well.