The 7 Uses Of Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil uses………..where do I start?

1.) Colds, coughs, catarrh and sinusitis; the analgesic, antiseptic and antibiotic properties make lavender essential oil very helpful in treating these illnesses.

It is best used as a steam inhalation. Steam by itself is an anti viral agent but with lavender oil added it can soothe, decongest, and have antibacterial actions which reduce catarrh and sinusitis occurrence following colds and flu.

A tiny amount of neat lavender oil massaged into the throat can help to relieve a tickly cough. The sedative effect calms the tickle and the body warmth releases the volatile oil which is then breathed in and works to get rid of the infection in the respiratory tract.

Another treatment to assist with catarrh is to massage some oil along eyebrows and on either side of the nostrils. This has the benefit of working with the acupressure points for catarrh to help alleviate symptoms.

2.) Insect bites, stings and small burns; lavender essential oil is an excellent first aid remedy for all of these. Applied direct to the area it alleviates pain and irritation. It is said that Rene Gattefosse (1928)who worked in his family’s perfume business became interested in the effects of lavender oil after burning his hand and plunging it into a vat of lavender essential oil which led to rapid healing, no infection and reduced scarring.

The 7 Uses Of Lavender Oil

3.) Sleep; lavender is well known to have a sedative effect which can be used to aid sleep, both in adults and children. Because of its low toxicity you can use it with children safely as long as you use low concentrations. A drop on the pillow before sleep or use an inhalation. Lavender and wheat bags can provide comfort and the sedative effect of the lavender can calm and aid sleep.

4.) Headaches; massage some lavender oil into your temples to help to alleviate headaches. Alternatively, you could try a cold lavender compress applied to the forehead or the back of the neck.

5.) Pain relief; lavender essential oil can be used to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Massage, compresses etc can be used to help those with rheumatism, sciatica and arthritis, treat either at the site of pain or if this is not tolerated, around the area. Menstrual pain can be reduced by rubbing lavender oil over the lower abdomen or applying a hot compress. During labour, it may be used, to reduce pain by rubbing it into the lower back. This may also strengthen the contractions which would help to speed up the labour.

6.) Skin conditions; lavender is good for all skin types and its soothing and antiseptic properties make it a very useful oil for skin conditions. It stimulates the growth of new cells. It can be used in the treatment of acne, especially when combined with bergamot, as it inhibits the production of bacteria, balances the over secretion of sebum and reduces the amount of scarring.

7.) Insect repellent; lavender has been used for many centuries to protect clothes and linen from moths and other pests. When you mix lavender oil with bergamot and lemon oils, they can help to avoid the bites of mosquitoes and midges. The oil may also help to keep animals free of fleas.