The Airport in Riyadh – My Story

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I was awakened by the pilot’s announcement that we were ready to descend at Riyadh airport followed by his prayer. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia was our final destination. We had boarded the Saudia Airlines in New York, JFK International Airport, after a day of orientation at Knoxville, Tennessee by HCA.

When the plane landed, we exited one by one. It was midnight. The ladies put on their abayas and bandanas. We were instructed to put on our name tags. It was crowded inside and the lines were long. Fortunately, there were two lines just for the recruits. Representatives from the hospital were there to welcome us and gave us instructions. Our passport was processed.

Women were segregated from the men. Inside a tiny room, we were thoroughly scanned and checked one by one by a Saudi woman. We were then directed to the baggage section. To my dismay, two of my suitcases were missing along with other recruit’s luggage. I got only my small suitcase. The airport personnel told us that our suitcases were left in New York. We were very upset.

The hospital representatives told us to follow him and we exited the building. Two vans were waiting for us. I went to the first. We were driven and dropped at the buildings assigned to us. The hospital was thirty minutes away from the international airport.

Finally, we arrived at the building assigned to us. Five of us from the van got off and collected our luggage. We took the elevator. My apartment and a co-recruit were located in the same floor. I followed the arrows to my apartment. With the keys given to me at the airport, I unlocked the door. One light was on. The apartment was nice and completely furnished. I saw wall paintings in the living room, a stand with a TV set.

The Airport in Riyadh   My Story

Inside my bedroom was a queen bed covered with a comforter, as well as a dresser and a small table. The kitchen had everything I needed, such as refrigerator, plates, pots, and glasses, etc. In the bathroom I came upon a bathtub that was wider and deeper than those in the states. Towels of different sizes hanged on a rack. The toilet was bigger. There was a hose attached to the toilet and I wondered what it was for. I took my shower, laid down on my bed and covered myself with the comforter. I fall asleep. I was awakened at dawn by the prayer from the loudspeaker. I got up and got ready for the orientation

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