The All Day Date

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Surprise the love of her life with an all day date! This is for those really special times in your life. This is a special date for a significant anniversary, a special birthday, or just to let her know how special she is. This date takes a bit more planning than most, but will be a day that she remembers for the rest of her life.

Like all really special dates, this all day date should have a theme. It could be your anniversary, her birthday, or a very special event in your lives. Also, like all really good dates, you should have a beginning, middle and an end. Oddly enough, the best all day dates begin when you are gone, maybe a holiday or a weekend. All day dates involve a series of clues, gifts and surprises. Leave your first note where she will find it when she gets up. This note should something like, “This is going to be a very special day. I want you to start by taking a nice long warm shower. Relax and enjoy yourself.”

Leave the next note in your all day date near the shower, telling her to open it after her bath. The note should tell her what to do after she finishes her shower. It could say something like, “Go to the laundry room and find your first gift of the day!” Women usually love the anticipation and hunt for a gift that has not been found. After her nice long shower, she will go and find the first gift. It should be something not too expensive and something possibly cuddly, like a stuffed animal. You want to build the suspense here and not give away the most lavish gift of the day.

So, she goes and finds the first gift of your all day date, possibly a teddy bear. Either underneath or between the paws of the stuffed animal there should be is a card that tells her what to do next. This card directs her the next surprise or activity! It could be something like, “Go to the mall and spend the least $50 on something you have been wanting to get yourself! Be back by 1:00.” Providing a mall or store gift certificate could be a nice touch here.

Her 1:00 clue could say something like, “Just relax and read a book, or watch TV, or watch a movie”. No need to tell her where the next clue is, because you are going to have it delivered! Order flowers (a few days ahead of you all day date) and have them delivered at 2:00 in the afternoon. The flowers should be cut stems in a vase. Instead of just calling up the florist, go there are fill out the 2 cards. One should say, “Open Now” and should tell her how much you love her that you hope she is enjoying her day and that you can’t wait to come home and be with her that evening. The second should say, “Open at 4:00”. This will continue to build the all day date suspense.

The All Day Date

So, it’s 4:00 and she’s ready for next clue. Tell her to get dressed and give her enough information to know what to wear for the evening. If you are going to a nice restaurant, tell her to wear her nicest dress. You can ruin the whole day by not providing enough information so that she knows how to prepare. If you’re really good, tell her exactly what you want her to wear. By this time, she should be playing along and enjoying the all day date game.

Come home about five o’clock and see how she coming along. If she’s enjoyed the day, which she should have by now, she should be telling you how much fun she is having and how she can’t wait to see what’s coming next. If she tries to guess any specifics, be evasive. Tell her that yes, you’re taking her out somewhere nice and you can’t wait to see how it comes out yourself! That will add even more mystery to the all day date.

If you can afford it, have a limousine come and pick you up. This will really surprise her and it will make all of her friends in the neighborhood jealous. If you have children, you need to arrange for the babysitter to come over around 5:30, just before you’re going to leave the house. This has to be somebody that both of you know and they’ve been able to set up ahead of time, preferably an adult or one of the grandparents who can spend the night (but don’t tell her, and the babysitter has to be able to keep the secret and play along)!

Take her out somewhere nice to eat. If the restaurant takes reservations, make them in advance. If you know the restaurant well, visit them ahead of time and asked the maître d’ to call you by name when you come in! For 5 or 10 bucks, see if he/she will play along for a really romantic date. Most people love a lover and will play along just for the fun. If you’re really creative, have a single red rose that the maître d’ presents to her when she comes in the door. Give the maître d’ a small picture of you girl ahead of time so they know who to look for. Your date will continue to be surprised in a very nice way as the evening goes on.

At the restaurant, recommend your favorites dish, order the wine and have a great meal. Part of the conversation will be just about talking about how the all day date has been. This is also a good time to talk about your relationship and how you want it to be in the future. This is not the time to discuss football scores and the hockey team unless she is into sports as well! Also, although you will probably have “outdone yourself” to make the all day date happen, this is not the time to tell her all the work you went through to make all this happen! You are still in the middle of the date, have fun and enjoy yourself! Spend some time together. Get to know each other again. Have a great time!

If you do not have children, or if you were able to arrange overnight care, take your girl to the nicest hotel in town, delivered again by the limo! This hotel part is where the extra planning needs to take place. (The next part is something that no other guy will ever do and something that she will love you for forever!) Pack a small suitcase or duffel bag and deliver it to the hotel a day or two in advance with casual clothes for her to wear home the next day. Also, just as important, make sure she has some toiletries. Make sure she has a toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup remover, hairbrush and anything else that she needs to look “normal” the next morning when she goes home. It may not matter to you, but it will matter to her!

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No woman wants to go home the next morning wearing the dress-up clothes that she wore the night before! It will be embarrassing to her in front of the neighbors! She will also be much more relaxed the night before and relaxation leads to good romantic feelings!

Arrange for a late morning checkout, possibly breakfast in bed, and have the limo pick you up and drive you home! This will be the end to a perfect all day date. If you have children, make sure there’s a little bit of time on the limo and let the kids pile in and take a drive around the block! This will include them in the event and they will have something special to tell their friends about for weeks to come.

The All Day Date

The all day date takes a lot of work, but is really a lot of fun. It includes the anticipation of all day of things to come, notes, secrets, and surprises lasting all the way up until the following morning! It doesn’t get much better than that. This is the date that she will always remember. This is the date that will make you more special in her eyes than any other guy could possibly ever be!

As always, take these ideas and make them your own. If you’re just starting out and cannot afford a limo, leave it out! You don’t have to go to nicest restaurant or the nicest hotel in town. Most of what makes it special is that goes on all day. There is always something new, always a surprise, and always the anticipation of good surprises to come!