The Antique Style Engagement Rings

Antique style engagement rings are elegant, classy and very fashionable. We believe that they are a better choice for couples considering buying truly antique engagement rings and here’s why….

If you haven’t already read the article on antique engagement rings it’s well worth a look. We believe antique diamond engagement rings don’t tend to offer the kind of value you might expect.

There are quality issues surrounding loose diamonds that should be taken into consideration and that’s why we think modern antique replica engagement rings are a better investment to make.

Pre War Diamonds

Most old (pre WWII) diamonds aren’t usually nearly as well cut as modern one’s. Whilst most diamonds are cut to retain as much weight as possible, modern ideal cut diamonds offer excellent quality and value compared to antiquated cut diamonds.

Appraising older antique diamond engagement rings is very difficult because the stone / stones are set firmly in the  in the ring. This makes scientific diamond grading very difficult to carry out let alone a painstaking process to achieve without first buying the ring and taking it apart.

If your preparing to shell out $5000+ for an antique diamond engagement ring then you begin to appreciate why choosing wisely could become a very difficult task.

Modern antique style engagement rings on the other hand offer a practical solution in that you can choose your diamond according to your budget FIRST and then choose that antique style engagement ring setting when you’re satisfied with the diamond. After all diamonds can cost between 3 and 20 times what the setting will cost depending on the size and quality of the gemstone you choose!

The Antique Style Engagement Rings

The Antique Style Engagement Rings

The Antique Style Engagement Rings

Today’s antique style engagement rings aren’t poor substitutes if you can find a diamond jeweler capable of hand finishing the ring of her dreams.

Old Age

The age of antique engagement rings is another indicator that you’re not getting the best deal. Will your fiancée really want to wear such an item or will she forever feel that the ring is too delicate to wear? Antique style engagement rings are definitely more solid and robust and will give her a lot more confidence to wear it with pride.

Let’s say you did buy her an antique ring and she accidentally severely damaged it, how do you think she might feel? Would she feel guilty about it, even if the ring was insured and replaced the feeling of guilt might still weigh heavy. Of course she could still damage an antique style engagement ring but even so repairs or replacement will be a heck of a lot easier.