The Appaloosa Horse

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Appaloosas are most commonly recognized by their colorful coat pattern. They also have other distinctive characteristics. There are four identifiable characteristics, coat patterns, mottled skin, white sclera, and striped hooves.

The Appaloosa can exhibit several color and pattern combinations. Appaloosa patterns are highly variable and there are many which may not fit into specific categories easily. The seven common terms used to describe Appaloosa coat patterns are blanket, spots, blanket with spots, roan, roan blanket, roan blanket with spots, and solid.

 The Appaloosa Horse

Mottled or partli-colored skin is also an Appaloosa characteristic. Mottled skin is different from commonly found pink (flesh-colored or non-pigmented) skin in that it normally contains dark areas of pigmented skin within its area. The result is a speckled or blotchy pattern of pigmented and non-pigmented skin.