The art of cartoon dogs – What you need to know?

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The good ol dog….. Have wee seen some great cartoon drawings of dogs through the years or not!

They make great subjects to draw don’t they….. So we cant let these pooches not have a page of their own. From Snoopy to Pluto, we have seen all shapes and sixes, the characters that can be made out of the dog is ongoing. One reason I feel; would be the dogs ability to have such an expressive face – and put that together with a cartoonist. You can only get cartoons of dog that are going to tickle your funny bone.

I have drawn a progressive online stages here of the side view of a dog. It might look a little basic when you look at the first few shapes of the start of the cartoon dog.

What you are aiming for here is the proportions. Once you get the overall shape, you can drew in the rest. This first diagram gives you the basic position of the head, the muzzle and the neck.

When I first used to draw, I never went about it this way… In fact; I never used to use guide lines at all. I found out that I had a very good talent for proportion; without having to out in guide lines.

The art of cartoon dogs   What you need to know?

This was good, but I did used to burn the ol eraser a bit if my lines weren’t where they should have been. And I also ground that sometimes I also fell victim to drawing some part of the subject a little smaller to the rest of the drawing. And I might have had to re draw that section.

“Painting is a means of self-enlightenment.”~
John Olsen

Now I do draw by guide lines, because its easier in the long run. You can see by these progressive sketches I have done, more detail has been filled in, and your going to need that eraser of yours to rub out the overlapping lines as you draw them in.

Don’t be too fussy with your shapes, sometimes it brings in a little more character to the dog drawing.

Shading in your Cartoon

Here we have a tiny pooch. With its fluffy little trousers at the back and tail to match. You can see here how I have used its ling hair to become the major focus in this cartoon. Just how much detail have I really got in the body? Not that much, you can get away with this because I have made the long fur the major factor. So the body does not have to be so detailed, as I want the focus to be more on showing off its biggest asset. Its long fur.

From long, thin… skinny, tall, or short. You can let your imagination go wild.

You might want to have a look at different cartoons of dogs, and then see how you might change some characteristics on them. This way you can create your own cartoon. Exercising you imagination this way. Will in turn, give you that need practice to being able to draw your own cartoons.