What is the meaning of the symbol yin and yang?

The symbol of Yin and Yang has become very well known in the western world. But there are fewer who actually know what it really means.

It is as simple theory as it is profound. The possibilities are endless as a tool for understanding the workings of the world. Lets not be blinded by the simplicity.

This applies as well to Chinese Medicine as whole. It can be simple, but at the same time it is deep and therefore can be hard to comprehend. It has logic to it as well being a great tool for intuition or rather the unlogical mind.

This can be reason that for many scientific minds, it is hard to accept the possibilty of symbolic metaphysical world. Therefore they choose either to ignore Chinese Medicine, or apply it only with logic and what is measurable, which is pure TCM on the extreme end of the spectrum.


If there is yang there has to be yin and if there is yin there has to be yang. Yin and Yang can´t exists without each other. Balance between both sustains equilibrium and wholeness. Imbalance creates too much of either.

If we take a look at our own bodies starting from the top, then we know that our brain is split into right and left brain that controls opposite ways of thinking.

What is the meaning of the symbol yin and yang?

This is aspect of duality. We are surrounded and internalised by this duality.

There is as well two eyes, two openings in the heart, two lungs, the liver splits into two parts, there are two kidneys with slight difference etc.

This yin/yang aspect or duality in the body applies to the yin organs or the solid organs in the body. The yin organs in the body hold substance. The yang organs excrete.

The action and the reaction.

If we take a look at the outside world then we can see the yin and yang in the aspect of day and night, light and dark, hot and cold, moon and sun, left and right, heavy and light, wet and dry, below and above, slow and rapid, contraction and expansion, descending and rising, water and fire, growth and death, solid and gasoues, passive and agressive, heaven and earth and countless other possibilites.

The interaction between all these qualities create result or action and reaction and consequence. The more extreme one aspect becomes, the more extreme is the reaction in the enviroment, which it influences.

For example if there is too much sun and heat, like in desert, there is no growth of life. If it is too cold and little sun, like in the artic there is no growth of life. If there is equal amount of day and night and therefore no seasons, like it is at the equator, there is easy growth of life.

Dualistic conflict.

What is the meaning of the symbol yin and yang?

The further the two aspects is from each other, the more potentials for conflict. This can be true in relation to our relationsip with other people as well the politics.

Let´s take an example of right wing and left wing politics. There was a wide gap between these two ideology in the past. It created one of the greatest conflict ever we have seen in this world. It almost took us to the brink of destruction.

But from that conflict there was creation of even greater aspect into the mass consciousness of human kind and that was the demand of brotherhood and peace.

There has never been so many organisations and induviduals fighting for human mankind to bring awarness of non conflict or tolerance towards difference of being and demand of peace. So maybe we can say that with any conflict, there is potential action of healing.