The Baby Bjorn: Why It’s The Only Baby Carrier I Recommend?

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My favourite baby carrier, bar none, is the Baby Bjorn.

Honestly, I never realised how much I vThe Baby Bjorn: Why Its The Only Baby Carrier I Recommend?alued having two hands free until I had my first baby.

Suddenly, simple tasks like buttering a piece of toast or dialling a phone become virtually impossible because I was always either feeding, changing or carrying the baby around.

But once I discovered the Baby Bjorn, I became a liberated woman!

Okay, not really, but at least, I could manage to throw a load of laundry in while still keeping the baby close and happy (i.e., not crying).

What’s So Special About This Baby Carrier?

What makes the Baby Bjorn such a great baby carrier is its design. It just seems to distribute the baby’s weight evenly, so it doesn’t bother your back.

Plus, it’s easy to get the baby into and out of the Bjorn comfortably, without needing help.

This feature is very important. With the first carrier I tried, I needed my husband’s help just to snap it on and get the baby properly adjusted. Not very practical when you’re home alone trying to get chores done around the house.

The Baby Bjorn has good neck support, allowing the baby to face toward you in those first few months. Then you can turn him around to see the world as his neck gets stronger and he gets more interested in seeing the world.

The Baby Bjorn: Why Its The Only Baby Carrier I Recommend?

And because all of the adjustments and openings are in the front, if baby falls asleep in it, you can just unsnap it from the front and lay her down, without waking her.

Who It’s Not For

The only drawback to the Baby Bjorn — and all front baby carriers, really — is that the baby’s legs hang down in front of you.

That means short-waisted women will have a harder time using this carrier for walking, as the baby gets older, because the baby’s legs will get in the way.