The Baby Boomer Years – The Second Half of Life

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The Baby Boomer years have brought changes to our lives. Some boomers are “living the dream”, while other are still chasing it.

Boomers are not just ordinary people!! Whatever we choose to do in life, we do it with real passion and pleasure. That’s the only way we know how to do things!! What a great generation we belong to.

From growing up in the wild 60′s, it is just not possible for us to do something in an ordinary way. Either we have a blast doing it, or we just don’t do it all. This mentally comes from when we were in our twenties, when we pretty much did what ever made us happy.

What I Believe…

When I’m asked about my baby boomer years, my answer is always the same…I am a boomer, along with many of my friends, and we all agree…it is all about living life to it’s fullest. We only have one chance in this lifetime.

I feel that the years spent in our mid 40′s is the critical bridge that connects the first half of our life (and the toughest, I believe) to the second.

It is how we embrace the next years of our lives, and how we will find pure pleasure in doing it.

Look To Your Inner Self…

By the time we have arrived to this point in our lives, most of us have come to some kind of conclusion, that what we’ve been seeking the whole time (fulfilment, happiness, contentment and security) can’t be found outside of us and therefore we start the journey inward. I have said many of times…Life is a Mindset!

The Baby Boomer Years   The Second Half of Life

There is no seven step program for baby boomers to follow (that would be way too easy), but I guess there was never a manual on how to be a parent either, and we all were able to accomplish the mission.

It’s our baby boomer years and life experiences that bring us here. It’s our internal compass that leads us down the path of fulfilment. Listen to that little voice we here inside.

Have the lifestyle you Desire and deserve!

Our Joy Comes Out of Hiding When We Are True To Who We Are…

I believe our real joy arrives when we are in our forties and fifties, when we do what is most important to us. Before our forties, the baby boomers were far too busy raising families and working to really know what made us happy, and what was really important to us.

Discover your true passion in life…Living the life you were meant to live!!

you answer the question if asked? What is a baby boomer? I’ll help you with the answer… We are a unique generation, living the Second Half of Life.

It is a true gift…The path that we are on is taking us all somewhere special, whether it is a desire for traveling, working, golfing…Do It With Passion!