The Benefits Of Educational Toys

Although, many toys are sold as so called educational toys, it doesn’t mean they are remotely similar. Many of them are just …toys.

Sharp criticism! And so it should be, that’s why this guide will save you time and money, in addition, to reducing your frustration.

The Right Child Educational Toys Boosts
Your Child’s IQ and the Very Heart Of All Shills!

Frankly, the right toy can help you unlock your child’s full potential.

And the best part is…

What You Should Know About Child Educational Toys”

Magical Toys For 2 – 3 Year Olds

2 – 3 Year olds are generally loud, noisy and self-centered. Just about everything is “mine”… also commonly referred to as “the terrible two” stage. At this age, your child needs a lot of support and encouragement.

The Benefits Of Educational Toys

Once your child reaches this age you’re entering the exiting simple construction phase… a stage where they will start taking interest in simple construction toys.

Unchanging toys that will draw their creative imaginations are push and pull toys, puzzles , wooden and construction blocks, big peg boards , strings of beads, dolls, teddies, balls.

You can also choose 2 – 3 piece puzzles. And while you’re at it… also have a look at the fit-in and form puzzles. They’re a great form of stimulation.

Also consider tricycles, interlocking blocks, crayons, simple construction toys.

Although not really “toys”… I like to introduce children at this age to simple arts and crafts, which I believe can be most stimulating. It’s a truly essential activity.

Now… here’s a suggested list of…

Timeless Toys for 4 – 6 Year Olds

You’ll experience the “pretender and inquisitive” 4 year olds , “more coordinated more disciplined” 5 year olds and the “know it all” 6 year olds in this category. Children will start to work in groups, as friends become an important part of their lives.

At this age, boys naturally tend to prefer child educational toys such as magnets, Lego, wooden blocks, wood cut-offs, simple woodwork toys and balls.

Girls, on the other hand, tend towards crafts, simple construction toys, stringing of beads, dolls, songs, costumes and sorting toys.

A few other child educational toys you can select from are more complex puzzles, form puzzles, different crafts, simple card games, small wheelbarrows, dressable dolls, simple board games.

They may even fancy music instruments.

One of the simplest and cheapest… yet most important child toys you can buy, is a skipping rope. Nowhere will you find a toy that improves coordination, agility and timing at such a low price. THIS is simply the toy you must have.

You can also capture your child’s interest in the immediate environment by stimulating craft activities. In general, use water, sand, paint, clay, collage, foam, foam rubber, and aluminum foil.

Winning Child Educational Toys For 7 – 8 Year Olds

Once children reach 7 – 8 years they typically become more disciplined, set high goals, will be more spontaneous, show more initiative… and unfortunately also become more careless.

As a result… they have very specific preferences when it comes to educational toys.

Focus on creative activities… Memory games…games with a competitive element to challenge them.

Children this age seem to love construction toys, creative activities, needlework, woodwork, knitting , building of scale models and most forms of memory games.

Amazingly Effective Child Educational Toys For 9 – 10 Year Olds

9 – 10 Year olds normally work hard and play hard. And they’ve certainly started to develop their own interests.

They like to do one activity, like cycling, until they’re exhausted.

Team activities become increasingly important.

You can confidently buy complex creative activities… complex construction toys… books…that challenge them at this age.