The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

A 40th birthday gift is given to mark a major milestone in someone’s life. It’s often the excuse for a major celebration, and rarely passes without plenty of unfortunate ‘ageist’ humour!

In fact, gag gifts are a particularly popular choice for a 40th birthday gift. Be cautious though, as ‘over the hill’ gifts may offend some people! A themed party that pokes gentle fun can be a great idea, but a birthday gag gift still has to be chosen with care to be really funny.

Don’t choose some piece of junk that they’ll grow to dislike even before the hangover’s worn off! Ask yourself if the gift will still be appreciated (or funny!) in 6 months time. If so, then go for it!

Some gifts that draw attention to age can still be really cool though. Personalized bottle labels add a great touch to their favourite wine, and if your budget stretches further, how about treating them to a very special 40 year old vintage?

Birthday newspapers and retro candies also make great gifts, as can specialist milestone mugs or T-shirts. Some of these ideas can also be incorporated into a wonderfully unique gift basket design.

The Best 40th Birthday Gift Ideas

By 40 most people have invested many hard years working and raising families. Children are often in their teen years or leaving home, and many adults at this milestone start to take a closer look at their own lives and interests.

It’s no surprise then that ‘life begins at 40′ is such a common phrase. Maybe this is why experience gifts make another inspired choice for this occasion.

Surprisingly, experience gifts really can suit all budgets as well, from cheap and cheerful days out to something that blows both the mind and the wallet!

Does the recipient have any interests or ambitions that have frustratingly remained on the back burner while they raised a family? Would they relish wine tasting, life coaching or falconry maybe? Or perhaps a shot at scuba diving or flying for the more adventurous. Any of these can make great ideas for a 40th birthday gift.

Tune in to an inner desire like this and you’ll give them a 40th birthday gift they’ll remember for years to come.