The Best Colon Cleanse

This, in my opinion, is the best colon cleanse you can do as it contains natural ingredients, it is short term and many have reported it to be extremely effective if done correctly.

STEP 1 – best colon cleanse

You will need to increase your bowel movements to begin with. If you are having a bowel movement everyday that is great, if not, you will need to increase your bowel movements to this frequency. Everyone is different and this might take around 3-7 days. There are some herbs you can take to encourage this frequency:

- Barberry (also very good for the liver and is an anti-infection herb)
- Cascara
- Sennacot (although beware this produces some wind!)
- Ginger
- Garlic
- Chamomile

The Best Colon Cleanse

Do some colon massages and take some essential fats to encourage bile production, seeds (rich in Omega 3) and drink lemon juice and plenty of water.


Once your bowel movements are regular you can begin the proper cleansing stage. Laxative herbs do not ‘clear’ but they do stick to the sides of the colon to pull away very old waste and toxins. This is why a colonic on it’s own isn’t always totally the best colon cleanse since water on it’s own does not remove all toxins and old, impacted waste.

Once you are happy with this stage you can move on to the coloncleanse.

If you notice an increase in wind during the cleanse (which, let’s face it can be embarassing at the best of times!) then drink Fennel Tea which helps calm this down.

STEP 3 – Potentially the most important step of all!

Many people complete stages 1 and 2 but forget about step 3. Step 3 is extremely important for helping to flush out the colon and help repair the gut walls after the cleanse.  After your successful colon cleanse it’s a great idea to give yourself a treat and do a colonic afterwards just to really finish it off on a high note! Just go to any local, reputable practitioner.