The Best Dog Food and the Guidelines for Feeding Dogs a Balanced and Nutritional Diet

The Importance of Good Quality Dog Food

Most dogs love to eat, our dogs are no exception. The best dog food is one that meets each individual dogs needs. It is important to feed dogs a high quality, premium dog food. With the recent dog food scares and recalls, more and more people are making their own dog food. We have found some wonderful natural mixes that we recommend.

Anyone that has a little more time on hand, may want to make fresh dog food from scratch, these natural dog food recipes may very well be the answer. Mr John Miller, a professional dog fancier, has written a terrific e-book “Healthy Food for Dogs: Homemade Recipes”. This book is filled the best dog food recipesThese amazing and simple recipes are guaranteed to improve a dog’s health.

The Best Dog Food and the Guidelines for Feeding Dogs a Balanced and Nutritional Diet

The best dog food for your pet may be pre-made, look at the ingredients list to insure there are no by-products and additives. The type of meat(chicken,beef,lamb, salmon etc…) should be listed and not just labeled as meat or meat by-products (you don’t want to know whats in meat by-products). Also, look for whole grains, organic vegetables, and fruits. Our favorite is All Natural, Premium Dog Food at Only Natural Pet Store.

Dogs that are overweight may just need to have their daily portions cut and increase the exercise levels. Some dogs that gain weight easily and keep it on should be fed a specially formulated dog food with less calories, lower fat content, and, higher amounts of fiber. Check with your vet for recommendations.

Guidelines For Feeding Dogs

Once the best dog food has been selected for your furry companion, it is important to know some good basic feeding tips to care for your dog properly. Dogs have a more sensitive digestive system than humans. Your dog could have digestive problems if you suddenly change the type dog food he is accustomed to. If you decide to switch to a different dog food, make this a gradual transition. Mix portions of both the new and old food until the old food is phased out, and your pet does not appear to have an upset stomach or other related problems to the new food.

If you are wondering how much to feed your pet companion it will vary as to how active they are and how much they weigh. The list below will give you some guidelines for feeding your dog. The amounts shown are average for amounts for one day. We recommend splitting these amounts and feeding twice a day.


These amounts are based on an average daily consumption. Adjust these amount according to your pet’s activity level and amount of treats they get through out the day. And always make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water. Consult your vet before changing your pets diet.

  • Up to ten pounds: 1/3 to 1 cup of dry food
  • 10-25 pounds: 1 to 2-1/4 cups of dry food
  • 25-50 pounds: 2-1/4 to 3-3/4 cups of dry food
  • 50-75 pounds: 3-3/4 to 5 cups of dry food
  • Over 75 pounds: 5-8 cups of dry food