The best fat burners are people who eat the foods that are right for their metabolic type

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That’s right. The best fat burners listen to and follow the advice of free thinking doctors, nutritional experts and fitness clinicians that are increasingly coming to the conclusion that there is no “one-size-fits-all” diet. A consensus is building that there is no single “healthy diet” that is right for everyone.

“All that matters is how a particular food or dietary regimen can fulfill YOUR unique, genetically inherited metabolic requirements.” (1.)

So just as we take it for granted that we human beings are very different in external appearances — right down to individual fingerprints, dietary and clinical experience is teaching us that people can be amazingly diverse in their internal physiology and biochemistry.

As a result, we each have endlessly variable needs for foods and nutrients. At one end of the spectrum are those who thrive on diets high in protein and fats. At the other end are those who function best on high carbohydrate, low fat diets. You may fit into one of these distinctly opposite categories, or your nutritional needs could fall anywhere in between.

Thus, the best fat burners that work for one person may have no effect on a second person, and may actually cause a third person to gain weight! This is why we witness such mixed results when it comes to weight loss diets. You may do terrific on the Atkins Diet, while your friend just can’t lose the fat following the same program.

When it comes to choosing the best fat burning foods and thermogenic foods, you could be just playing dietary roulette, unless you first identify your metabolic type and begin to eat accordingly.

The best fat burners are people who eat the foods that are right for their metabolic type

When you start to eat correctly for your individual metabolic type, you can expect to notice immediate improvements as you discover your own best fat burners:

  • Your food will be efficiently converted to energy rather than stored as fat.
  • You’ll enjoy plenty of physical and mental energy following your meals and snacks.
  • You’ll feel full and hunger free, up to four or five hours after meals.
  • You’ll lose your cravings for sweets and starchy foods.(2.)

    And perhaps most importantly you will begin to take back control of your weight issues.

    It all comes down to this: Learn how to consistently consume the optimum energy producing fuel mixture that’s right for you and provide your body the correct raw materials so it can rev up your metabolism to peak performance and efficiency.

    Today’s scientific weight loss plans are NOT about quick fixes to shed a few pounds in the short term — only to have health problems and weight rebound down the road.

    Instead, the best fat burners insist on programs that are all about changing your shape, losing body fat and replacing it with lean, toned muscle. Because it’s no longer just about weight loss per se, but modern nutritional science teaches us that weight management is…

    a process that enables us to optimize our health while achieving a change in body composition–your percentage of lean body mass to adipose (fat) tissue. The core concept is to maintain and even add valuable calorie burning muscle, while leveraging the fat burning potential of your metabolism.

    The only way to achieve this “in a permanent way [is] by balancing the homeostatic mechanisms that control all aspects of your metabolism.” (3.) This is what has been referred to as “metabolic conditioning”.

    Let’s summarize: Here’s what nutritionist and fitness guru Philip Goglia lists as the fat loss prerequisites the best fat burners look for in what he calls: (adapted from his book ‘Turn Up The Heat’)

    “The New Weight Loss Paradigm”

    1. All metabolisms are not created equal. There are three different general categories of unique metabolisms.
    2. Because of this, all calories are not equal. The three different metabolisms among human beings use different ways to efficiently utilize the calories found in fats, proteins and carbohydratres.
    3. Since calories are heat energy units, the metabolism is a function of caloric heat. For this reason, a person’s caloric intake must be managed daily to create enough consistent caloric heat to release fat as energy.
    4. Your calorie pattern changes as your body composition changes. Therefore your nutritional regime must be dynamic, not static as it adapts to your current physiological status.
    5. Once you are satisfied with your particular body composition, you can stabilize your food program while maintaining your weight with healthy nutritional choices.(4.)

    The promise of using the methods of metabolic typing and customized nutrition (along with appropriate exercise) can help you to accomplish your weight loss goals while rewarding you with long term health benefits.

    Can the best fat burners really achieve.

    • Natural weight loss without “dieting” or restricting calories?
    • Permanent weight loss without struggle, deprivation, or hunger?
    • Reaching their ideal weight, whether overweight or underweight?

    while enhancing their immunity, reversing degenerative disease conditions, optimizing health and reaping anti-aging benefits as well?