The best information on betta fighting fish

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All about the betta-fighting-fish

The Betta or Siamese fishing fish is more formally known as Betta Splendens of the family grouping gorami (family Osphronemidae) They have their origin in Thailand (formerly known as Siam) and also Cambodia and is native to the Mekong basin. A typical adult is around 3 inches (7 cm) in length with an average life span of 2-3 years.

The Betta has very striking and brilliant coloration. The graceful and long flowing fins help to make it one of the most recognizable of all aquarium fish. The coloration has arrange that goes from red to blue and to white. Females tend not be as highly colored as the males and have much shorter fins. In addition a breeding female may also display horizontal stripes. Why are the known as fighting fish? Mainly because the males cannot be kept together or they fight and kill each other and they extremely territorial and defend their territory ferociously. Even the females have to have hiding places, this is the king of domestic violence in the fish world. The word Betta actually is derived from a local Thai or Siamese name for the Siamese Fighting fish, “Ikan Bettah”

The best information on betta fighting fish

Basics on Caring for betta-fighting-fish

The betta-fighting-fish is top dweller in the aquarium, and the minimum recommended tank size is at least 3 gallons. They prefer live foods and will also eat flakes and frozen foods. They lay eggs in a bubblenest and on the care scale can be considered easy to intermediate. The preferred water is around pH: 6.8 – 7.4 and hardness up to 20 dGH and a water temperature of 75-86 degrees F (24-30 C)

Other Betta fish Apart from the Betta-fighting-fish

The Siamese Fighting fish is not the only Betta fish around, in fact there are no less than 50 described species. Apart from the Siamese Fighting fish another popular variety is the Betta imbellis, or Peaceful Betta. This fish comes from Malaysia and attains a size of 8 centimeters (3 inches).