The best information on betta fish care

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All about better betta-fish-care

To give better betta-fish-care you need to understand a little about the fish and its natural habitat. Betta fish are well known and very colorful, and seem to be the center of controversy all the time. Where does the betta-fish come from? It has it’s origins in the very shallow waters of Thailand, and also in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and some regions of China. Their favorite habitat is in the many rice paddies, shallow ponds and on occasions slow moving streams.

The best information on betta fish care

The Betta fish comes from the tropics, that means shallow and warm water. So placing your Betta in cool water is not very smart. When the water temperature sinks to 75 degrees, its great for you but frigid for your fish. Once the water gets cool your Betta will be tired and listless. So, Betta fish do not thrive in fish bowls, you need a heated aquarium for it to be happy. Betta-fish-care starts with the water.

The Betta-fish has to have access to the surface of the water to breath air directly from the atmosphere. The Betta is a little special in that it has a rather special and unique respiratory organ that allows them to directly breathe. While they can survive in the wild in water with a relatively low level of dissolved oxygen however they still prefer clean well oxygenated water. Your aquarium water for a betta fish should be soft, the right temperature of course with a slightly acidic pH value. The Betta doesn’t really like lots of turbulence and bubble so power filters and power heads are not recommended. If you plan on a school of Betta fish then you have to make sure that you don’t have any aggressive or fin-nipping ones. It is a general rule that you only keep one male with in each aquarium, as they will fight. This isn’t a problem with females, and happy communities is important for betta-fish-care.