The best information on betta fish disease

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So Your Betta is Sick – Name that Betta-fish-disease

When you admire your Betta every day, or when you throw in some food, always observe the fish behaviors to detect any illness or disease

If eats like it’s the last meal alive then the Betta is healthy, if it disinterested or does so slowly or even spits it out then your Betta is not well

If your Betta is actively swimming laps around the aquarium then it is healthy, if it lays on the bottom and comes to the surface for air or parks in a corner on the surface then your Betta isn’t well

If your Betta starts darting all over the and seems to deliberately run into everything including gravel or rocks then it is trying to scratch itself so something is not right

If your Betta is full of vibrant color then its probably good however if looks a little pale and washed out with dull color then its not healthy

The best information on betta fish disease

When your Betta is healthy then it’s fins and tail are well spread out like fans. When it is unhealthy the tail and also the fins may be closed or clumped and look rather stiff or even falling apart. This a symptom of Betta-fish-disease. If your Betta fish fins or tail appear to be getting shorter or they start to look as they are falling apart or dissolving. The edge of the fins and tail may also appear either darker or red. This is what is known as Fin or Tail Rot. The first cure is to change the water. Also the use of tetracycline or Triple Sulfa that is combined with Fungus Eliminator. It is best to do a change of water every three days and also add new medication with it. The treatment should continue until fins or tail stop receding and then start regrowing. The start of regrowth may take up to 4 weeks. Mild rot can be treated with Maracyn I and Maracyn II made by the Mardel company.

Your healthy Betta has a slick and clean body. When your Betta is not healthy then it may possibly have open sores, or what are patchy, and white cotton-like patches, red spots lumps or possibly white spots

When your Betta is sick the either one or even both eyes may start to protrude or be swollen. This is a Betta-fish-disease condition called Popeye. This is a bacterial infection and happens when you don’t keep the water clean. A Betta can also get tuberculosis and Popeye is an indicator and this is terminal condition. The cure for normal Popeye is to change the water and add in an antibiotic called Ampicillin. A single capsule needs to be dissolved in 10 gallons of water. The treatment should be maintained for a week and when the Betta eyes come back to normal then keep water clean from then on.

When the Betta gills are abnormal one or both gills will not close completely and stay half open due to swelling or inflammation and also may appear red in color

Normal Betta scales are smooth, however when scales are raised with a pine cone appearance then your Betta is not well. This condition is known as Dropsy and is also often accompanied by a bloated belly. This is a rather common and often fatal disease and has been linked to live black worms among other things The raised scales are caused by fluid building up under the skin. The best cure seems to be don’t feed live black worms. If you suspect that Betta has dropsy remove and isolate it immediately as this Betta-fish-disease is terminal.

When the belly of your Betta looks hollow or is abnormally swollen and large then something is not right and you have a Betta-fish-disease