The best way to teach children to read

The best way to teach children to read is to instill in them a love for reading. And the best way to do that is do READ to them.

Find out when story time is at your local library and plan a weekly visit. Your child will love sitting in a circle listening to the librarian. And they will love the opportunity to comb through the shelves and find books to take home. Be sure to designate time each day to read your child’s selectons.

Don’t forget about billboards, store names, bumper stickers, cereal boxes, banners, and everything else you’ll find in the “real world”. Make reading an adventure.

Treat your child with a visit the book store. Allow them to select a book to buy.It is useful to build an in-home library. A collection of books your child can pick out and read at any time. Provide them with a bookcase and a comfy nook to sit in while they browse their books. Remember, young children like to read the same stories over and over.

The best way to teach children to read
Let them see you reading…OFTEN
Teach them the alphabet.
Use a primer such as “Phonics Pathways”. This book is devided into lessons, each one teaching a different sound combination.
Make flash cards of common “sight words” (the, she, he, a, I, of, to, was, you) and drill daily.
Before you know it your little student will be able to read almost anything in the “easy reading” or “beginning reading” sections of the library or book store.
Finally, make sure that you READ, READ, and READ some more!!
As your children advance continue to cultivate the love of reading. Keep up with the library and book store trips.