The “Bust Your Butt” basketball drill

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I like to call this basketball drill, “Bust Your Butt!”

Part 1 — Works best with an even number of players so they can partner up.

Two lines are formed, one out of bounds on the left side where the sideline and end line meets, and the other on the nearest block (partners should be across from each other). Players in line on the block should all have basketballs. When the partners are ready the player with the ball makes an outlet pass to their partner who then dribbles to the other free-throw line. After making the pass, the first player runs simulating a fast break (emphasize getting wide, run out of bounds and come back in at half court).

On the first trip the shooter shoots a layup. On the second trip the shooter and passer will switch and repeat. On the third trip the 1st shooter backs up and shoots a 10-15 foot jump shot. And, on the fourth trip the shooter and passer will switch.

To mix things up you can put a coach or manager at half court where the dribbler has to make a move to get by before making the pass.

The Bust Your Butt basketball drill

Part 2 of Bust Your Butt — For this drill a trip is considered down and back. After the first shot is attempted the shooter lines up for defense and the passer is the dribbler. The dribbler tries to get past the defender on the way back down the court.

The boundaries are from sideline to volleyball court sideline. If the dribbler gets past the defender, they are to stop and let the defender catch up to try to beat them again. Once they get to the opposite end line they get back in line on the other side to keep drill going until all are finished. After shooting from only the left side, move over to the right side and repeat. This is a great drill for conditioning.