The car counting game

A bingo type counting game based on the cars on the street. Great for keeping kids out of mischief, while on the road.

Preparations 1. Print out a few copies of the car counting sheets.

2. Bring a pencil for each kid.

3. Bring spare pencils and erasers along.

How to play?

1. Give 1 card and 1 pencil to each kid.

2. The kids are to cross out the cars they see on the street.For example, if they see a red car, cross it out.

3. The first kid to cross out all the cars shouts ‘Counting Cars!’ This kid wins!

4. All kids to count the number of each color of car they have crossed out.

5. All kids to add up the total number of cars they have crossed out. The older kids or adults can help the little ones with this.

The car counting game