The Caribbean is best for family beach vacations

The all inclusive beach resort has great benefits for family beach vacations. Top hotels too offer attractive family-friendly features.

And what does the family need most?

… To spend some quality leisure time together.

And what does each family member want the most?

Well generally with family beach vacations…

Parents look forward to enjoyable rest and relaxation together with some privacy at times. Even to take a shower leisurely and uninterrupted — without the children…

OR… to enjoy a romantic meal together…

Sometimes mothers want to rejuvenate and spend time in the health and beauty spa. Or even outdoor in the cool tropical breezes with occasional sun baths…

Dad may go along with his spouse and even encourage her to join him in a bit of adventure — sailing, kayaking…

And depending on the ages and skill levels of the children, they can be part of the family adventure vacation thrills too!

And what else for the children?…

Well… family beach vacations must ensure children receive…

A variety of outdoor fun-things-to-do with excitement all-day-long! The hotels and resorts usually offer special facilities for children including kids’ clubs…

Meals specific to children…

Sleeping arrangements with beds and cots even in adjoining rooms…

And children stay at some resorts free when they stay in their parent’s room.

And better yet… many resorts even have services for the care of infants.

Children need to eat and drink. And there’s never a shortage of food for your children. A resort catering for family beach vacations has several restaurants with snacks strategically placed for easy access –even at pool-side.

There’s always an over-abundant supply of beverages and juices.

And what about the teenagers?

The Caribbean is best for family beach vacations

They can be challenging to please. Some resorts have teen centers and teen co-ordinators to generate adolescent activities. These include excursions, scuba diving, snorkeling, outings…


Basic Features of All Inclusive Resorts

Most resort hotels and the all inclusive resorts generally offer the following features. And of course these vary from place to place.

So here are some of what to expect for family beach vacations:

Children are free to a certain age and when sharing parents’ room…

Snacks and drinks are available 24-7…

Meal options — buffet style, restaurants with children sections…

Family offers – like ‘kids stay and eat free’…

What are the details of specific family offers…

Range of family type activities — outdoor activities for ALL…

Activities and programs for children AND teenagers…

Facilities specific to adults to REALLY ENJOY family beach vacations…

Facilities and programs - daycare - specific to babies, toddlers…

Wading pool, lifeguards on duty…

Resident doctor or nurse…

Family beach vacations with 2, 3, 4 or more children…

Availability of suites or cottages for large families…

Does the resort have kitchenettes – rooms with fridges…

Water — pools, water-parks, water-slides…

Beautifully landscaped surroundings…

Beach-front services and a lovely beach — calm enough for toddlers…

Excursions, tours and outings…

A variety of land and water sports…


All Inclusive Resort Pricing

One price pays for EVERYTHING. In fact what you are looking for is an all inclusive family package vacation deal. Shop around and compare prices that will include the following:

a.. Airport transport
b.. Accommodation
c.. All food and drink
d.. Adult programs
e.. Children programs
f.. Taxes and gratuities
g..Land and water sports

The time of the year influences pricing also. And it ranges from peak season — winter-time — to off-season, late April to end of November.

NOTE: Some resorts will have high profile premium restaurants and other services that will require additional spending.


Most hotels and resorts determine their prices on two adults with two children under age twelve sharing a room together. This is the standard maximum occupancy.

“AND what about the parents with three children for family beach vacations?”

The hotels force you to take two rooms. It becomes more expensive to you plus your family is split up — connected rooms are not guaranteed.

Even if you upgrade to a larger suite — it is still more expense!

The solution?…

… Is upcoming!


Caribbean Resorts for Family Beach Vacations

Are part of the Sandals chain of all inclusive Caribbean resorts. There are several in Jamaica and one in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They have a single parents theme to their annual family beach vacation program.

Club Med
Some of the clubs have nurseries for babies with qualified daycare personnel. They come with lots of creative activities and mini-clubs for children. They are just children friendly and totally all inclusive with villages for families.

Coral by Hilton
Hilton Hotel own four lovely all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic. And they cater for your children.

Franklin D. Resort
They assign a nanny to each family for your entire vacation. Great out-door activities and fun trips for the children. There are two resorts both located in Jamaica.

Holiday Inn
In the Caribbean Holiday Inn are beach resort hotels and caters well for family beach vacations.

Hyatt Hotels
Are also into the Caribbean resort hotel business and features Camp Hyatt for your children and Family Camp.

Riu Hotels
Riu has all inclusive resorts in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Sol Melia
Has several resort locations across the Caribbean.

Have two distinct resort chains: Breezes and Starfish. You find them in Cura&ccedilao, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Are very family friendly resorts.

Viva Wyndham
Wyndham Hotel manages Viva all inclusive resorts in the Bahamas and Dominican Republic. Children under twelve years are FREE.

Wyndham Resorts
Has several hotel resorts across the Caribbean. They are GOOD for your family.


The Caribbean is excellent for family vacations. EVEN accommodating the single parent family.

“And what about the family with three children… they too can enjoy family beach vacations in the Caribbean?”


Family of Five All Inclusive Resorts

Some resorts allow you two queen size beds and a cot or crib for the third child. Children are free. Yet there are instances where you pay regular child rates for your third offspring.

NOTE: This three children policy MAY NOT apply during high season vacation travel time.

La Cabana

Cayman Islands
Sunshine Suites – Grand Cayman

Dominican Republic
Santana Beach Resort

Beaches Boscobel

FDR Pebbles

Franklin D Resort

Holiday Inn Sunspree – Montego Bay

Renaissance Jamaica Grand – Ocho Rios

Sunset Beach Resort and Spa

St Maarten
Le Flamboyant.

St Thomas – USVI
Bolongo Beach Condos

So you feel much better now… GOOD!


Baby Friendly All Inclusive Resorts

Some parents need a resort for their family beach vacations that offers services for infants. These parents want to enjoy themselves together for a while.

There are resorts that provide you with trained staff to care for your baby child. Just pre-arrange your needs in conjunction with the program regulations of the resort. This can cost you about US $10-15 per hour.

Also check on after hours baby sitting services.

So here are some suggested resorts and check them for details:

Superclubs Breezes – services for infant nursery

Dominican Republic
Club Med Punta Cana – services as of two years old

FDR Pebbles Resort – offers you a vacation nanny

Montego Bay
Holiday Inn Sunspree – services as of six months

Beaches Negril – has a nanny service for infants
Beaches Sandy Bay – has a nanny service for infants

Ocho Rios
Beaches Boscobel – has a nanny service for infants
Renaissance Jamaica Grande – services as of two years old

St Lucia
Club St Lucia – services as of six months old

Turks & Caicos Islands
Beaches – offers a nanny service for infants

So that’s it on the resort side of things.

However there are some other factors that you need to consider.


From Home to Your Family Beach Vacations Resort

1) Food, sandwiches or snacks

Leave home with food, sandwiches or good snacks. A hungry child is a miserable child. Don’t depend on buying food & drink during flight connections. Late arrivals can mess up your good intentions AND the children…


a.. Weather delays…
b.. Mechanical delays…
c.. Missed connections…

… can mess up your good intentions.

The best promised on-flight meals can turn out to be mere peanuts and soda. AND meanwhile the children…


Before you touch down for family beach vacations…

Look upon a decent airline meal as a bonus. When traveling with children, leave home with FOOD. You yourself may need some!

2) AND what about your choice of airline?

You must be satisfied on their answers to inquiries about:

a.. Strollers
b.. Child luggage
c.. Special meals
d.. In-flight movies for children
e.. Unaccompanied young travelers

Just ensure the airline is child and family friendly.

And not only that, but…

Children love games… so let them travel with their favorites that are pocket sized or mini travel sized. Be selective in taking along some of their favorite toys, books and crayons. These can help comfort your children as they are away from familiar home surroundings.

What’s more…

Most airlines allow children two years and under to FLY FREE. The child must be seated in the lap of a parent.

Better yet…

For safety reasons and adequate convenience, you can pay for an airline seat for this same child. Your baby will travel comfortably in a belted airline approved car seat.

It’s YOUR call.

AND NOTE: You also need to advise the airline of your choice of travel arrangements for your baby infant — even online.

3) Purchase trip cancellation insurance

Having good insurance travel coverage is the only way to plan for accidents or the unpredictable. Most policies have comprehensive coverage to protect your family beach vacations investment should you need to cancel the trip completely.

International travel insurance especially for your family should include travel medical insurance coverage as well. So check this website’s page on insurance travel.

4) Travel Medicine Kit

Well… with children especially, you never can tell what small emergencies may occur. So your first aid supplies can include bandages, tape, some gauze.

Some ointment for infections and abrasions, along with mild anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamine to treat allergic reactions and itching. You may need something in there too for skin rashes and sunburn relief — and some kind of sunscreen skin product.

AND what’s more…

Colds and sinus congestion can occur. On an aircraft, cabin pressurization can cause ear pains. And some children can undergo motion sickness. Then there can be jet lag, followed by mosquitoes and tropical insects.

And you may partake in some unfamiliar tropical cuisine.
So be ready for the upset stomach A-N-D stay away from road-side vendors!

5) Your Choice of Departure Airport

For your family beach vacations trip, departure airfare can differ from city to city. Even date AND time of departure can influence airfare costs and flight availability. The largest airports have more flight options and cheaper airfares. Click on the navbar button ‘Last Minute Deals’ for more details.

AND finally…

Your objective is Caribbean travel for family beach vacations. I sincerely hope that all goes well for you. And that you and each family member really enjoy your days in the sun… barefeet!

Children DO love AND enjoy the Caribbean for its family beach vacations.

So I take this opportunity to remind you to check this website’s travel insurance page, and…

E-N-J-O-Y!… Your family beach vacations