What Are The Characteristics Of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Short Facts

Colours: Black and Tan, Ruby (solid rich red), Blenheim (pearly white, rich chestnut), Tricolour (black, white, tan)

Height: About 31-33 cm/12-13 in

Weight: About 5-8 kg/12-18 lbs

Lifespan: 10-15 years

Short Name: Cavalier


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a friendly look. Its coat is long, straight and silky.

It has long ears, a short nose, round head and large eyes. The body is slightly longer than the height.


A dog that will love anyone or anything! With a constantly wagging tail and puppy eyes.

It is lively and fun loving but likes to be comfortable. A fearless dog, wants to be friends even with the biggest dogs What Are The Characteristics Of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Likes both being lazy indoors and going out for long walks.

Weakness for: Hunting small animals..

What Are The Characteristics Of The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?


  • Gentle
  • Quick learner
  • Social
  • Lap Dog
  • Sweet
  • Not Good Watchdog
  • Demanding Eyes
  • Loves Swimming


There are many different genetic diseases among the Cavaliers. Parts of the body that are most affected are heart, hip, knee, ears and eyes.

Be careful about overfeeding your Cavalier, as it is prone to get over weight. If you do not exercise with it a lot, then limit the diet.

Most Cavaliers are however happy healthy dogs. When buying a Cavalier check that the breeder is serious and only breeds on healthy dogs!

Potential diseases: Mitral Valve disease (MVD – leads to heart failure), Syringomyelia(SM – affects the brain and spine), Episodic Falling (EF – seizures), eye disorders.


A daily brush is recommended. Try to keep the inside of the ears clean from hair, moist and dirt or they might get infected.


The Cavalier was mainly used as companion and occasionally for hunting birds. For that reason it has some hunting instincts, regarding small animals.

The dog originates from the King Charles Spaniel(or english toy spaniel), and wasn’t refined to the way it looks today until 1928.

The climate does not matter much for the Cavalier. You may want to clip the coat short if it’s hot out and not stand still too much outside if it’s cold.

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