The Comfort Zone – Learn to Hate It

Ahhh…the comfort zone. It is a place of refuge for most people. This area within our minds operates over time; often without us even noticing. Its jobs range from keeping us safe, establishing a place where we can mentally relax, and defines our limitations. Overall, it’s a great place…therefore – we need to start learning to hate it…!

The comfort zone as it is typically defined within the parameters of personal development is that mental relaxation area where we are…well, comfortable. Here we know what to expect, who people are, and things are status-quo with no stress. The career we perform daily has become a regular expectation. Who we are as a person is currently “in neutral” with our surroundings. Here, our limitations are clearly defined and we can relax and allow life to just happen. Sounds great doesn’t it ?

Another of the comfort zone’s talents is its built in warning system. It has been referenced that if someone for instance is trying something new, doing something that challenges them – mentally or physically, they get that feeling of uncertainty…or being uncomfortable. This is your comfort zone telling you that you are about to exceed its boundaries. You are said to be stepping outside of where you are at ease.

As much as this is going to be perceived as a self-improvement abomination – we need to begin to hate the comfort zone. How, you say, could we despise something that is constructed to keep us safe and provide us with a great element of comfort ? Simple. This is your barometer depicting your resistance to personal success…

The Comfort Zone   Learn to Hate It

In our never-ending journey to succeed, we are constantly looking for opportunities. We search and search for success’ exact location and what we need to do to get there. I’ll tell you where it is…

Right outside of YOUR comfort zone

In providing this information, I am glad to be able to give you the “cheat sheet” to finding a faster road to your success. Everything we are looking to manifest is just outside of what makes you comfortable. It might not be the answer you were looking for, but lets check into this a little more…

Within the fear and anxiety we experience when we do something new or different, we expand our limitations. This in turn, stretches our boundaries and makes us better. Many people will resist change and different ways of doing things. As humans, we love regularity and routine. It is just this stale complacency that ties us up. No movement, no challenge, no expansion = no success. A key aspect of becoming successful is pushing yourself beyond anything you may have thought was possible. Many times if people give any less than their best, they will attribute their failures to being unlucky, unskilled, or whatever other excuse if available at the time.

To be the one who rises above the rest, we have to rise above ourselves and everything we think we are capable of. Challenge everything about yourself. This is where we need to hate being comfortable. The mental vacation we take within the confines of our comfort zone stifles our ability to be great. If you don’t take on new challenges and pursue the life you want, however anxious and fearful it may make you – you will remain…stuck. Locked into what you have already – same relationships, same health & fitness levels, same income. If you enjoy having the same meal all day – every day…then great. No need to progress, stretch, and make yourself better. BUT… If you have a burning desire to be more, do more, and have more – begin to hate the feeling of being comfortable. Find a goal that will push you and test all that you are made of ! Remaining still and “comfy” will not bring it home in our current move & shake, high-speed way of life.

Now…go change into something uncomfortable and make your dream life a reality.