The Cosmic Law of Attraction

 What you think is what you’ll get.

This is the cosmic law of attraction: What’s on your mind is what you’ll get. Want a fabulous life? Make sure that’s what you are thinking about!

To help you, create a collage, a treasure map, of the life you’d love to live. You can realize even your wildest dreams.

Your thoughts are your most valuable and your most powerful asset. With your thoughts you create your life.
We all have heard stories about persons who got a death sentence in form of incurable cancer or another disease, but healed thanks to positive thinking, meditation and prayer. But you shouldn’t need to get ill before you really start using the cosmic law of attraction. In fact, keeping in your mind an image of yourself as a strong and healthy is an important factor so you will not get ill!

The Cosmic Law of Attraction

You use the cosmic law every day…

You use the cosmic law of attraction every day – it’s just that you don’t think about it!

Hasn’t it happened that you got this sudden urge to call or mail an old friend – only to hear him say: “I was just thinking about you!”

Or haven’t you said something like this to yourself: “I’ll never ever pass that exam, it’s simply too difficult” – and you were right, you didn’t make it.

Or maybe you’ve had this wishful thinking, on your way home from work: “I really hope my husband has dinner ready for me today; that would be wonderful!” And PLING, PLING! There was dinner ready waiting for you at the table.

It’s the cosmic law of attraction at work, not some a peculiar incident when your mother gives you as a present those plates that you’ve been looking at in the shop window for ages, wanted, but hesitated to buy for some reason or another.

And it’s law of attraction that works, not “luck”, when driving into town you have the great feeling that today surely you’ll find parking – and yes, you did!

Now imagine what could happen if you really started using the cosmic law of attraction as the fabulous tool it is? The least you can obtain is a free parking place or a new set of plates!

For a start, try some thought exercises:

The Cosmic Law of Attraction

Training your mind

  • Think about a friend that you haven’t seen or heard from for a while. Do you manage to get a picture of him right now, what’s he doing, and what is he wearing? Don’t dwell too long with this image, but repeat it once or twice or more a day. I bet within long he’ll call or mail you, or you will simply bump into him on the street.
  •  Think about something you want, but haven’t bought, because you think it’s too expensive or you haven’t found it in the shops. It can be a pair of shoes or the perfect little black dress, curtains for your kitchen or some nice sheets for your bed. (Yes, it could be a Mercedes Benz, too, or a French château, but since most of us have so many issues when it comes to why we “can’t” have or “deserve” very expensive things, better leave the Mercedes and the château for now – we’ll get back to those later).

Now picture the excitement when you find that dress and it’s half the price, or when you suddenly discover the perfect pair of curtains in that shop you haven’t visited for ages. Pretend that it’s already happened. Repeat this thought a couple of times a day, and just trust it will happen. It will.

  • Next time you’re going somewhere you hate to go, whether it’s the dentist or to a public office to obtain some papers, think of it as something positive.Say to yourself: “Today the dentist will be really friendly and kind, and nothing that she does will hurt.” Or: “Everyone in the tax office will be really friendly and helpful and do their best to help me.

”Now, how did it go? Fabulous!

The Cosmic Law of Attraction