The Difference Between Regular Restaurants And Romantic Restaurants

Much like a date, the difference between choosing regular restaurants and romantic restaurants, is a combination of where you go and how you act. First, let’s decide where to go.

Most guys equate the level of romance with the expense of the meal. The greater the expense, the more romantic it must be. Wrong! Although this is good logic for the restaurant business, it is the wrong idea in terms of romance. Many times, the most romantic restaurant is a small, quaint restaurant, usually local, where the two of you can have a small table together. The cost of the entrée actually has little to do with the level of intimacy.

So, if we can’t choose romantic restaurants based on costs, how do we go about it? Just like in most things romantic, take a look at the girl that you want to woo. (Above her shoulders!) Does she have a taste for a very fine food? Does she like to dress up, or is she more comfortable in casual clothing? Does she like to be with friends or would she rather just be with you? Base your choice of restaurant on these preferences. When we were dating, my wife liked to dress up occasionally, but most of the time she preferred casual clothing. Taking her to a fancy restaurant every other weekend would have been way too much and would have made her feel uncomfortable. Choose a restaurant based how the two of you enjoy spending your time.

Whether you are going to Denny’s or a five-star restaurant to eat, how you act is actually much more important than where you go for a successful evening. My rules for a romantic restaurant date include:

Make Reservations if Appropriate
Even a small, intimate, restaurant may take reservations and if they do, make them. Waiting for a table for an hour can ruin the mood of the evening.

Clean Up the Car
Nothing worse than having her sit in potato chip crumbs.

Show Up On Time
Show up on time, but expect her to be the late. Setting your expectations this way and allowing extra time for her to get ready will lower your stress level and ensure a happy evening.

Show Up With a Flower
Show up with a flower . (It worked for The Bachelor, and will work for you).

The Difference Between Regular Restaurants And Romantic Restaurants

Compliment Her!
Whatever she is wearing, complement her on it, particularly if she is dressing up. She will have worked long and hard to be this beautiful for you. Find something that is outstanding, her earrings, her hair, her dress, her shoes, and tell her how wonderful she looks.

Open the Door
Open doors for her, even if you do not usually do so. This is a special occasion, treat it that way.

Take Your Time, Walk More Slowly

Particularly if she is in high heels, walk slowly. Many guys do not understand that is harder to walk in heels than in sneakers and she will have to take smaller steps. If she has to tell you, it will be embarrassing for her and will ruin the mood for both of you. Be a gentleman, and help her up and down stairs and into and out of the car. Every time you touch her hand to help her is an intimate moment. Treat it that way. Just like getting ready, allow extra time to get to the restaurant.

Hold Her Chair
When you are at a romantic restaurant, hold her chair for her. Just like opening doors, this is a special evening, be a gentleman!

Order the Wine
You can ask her if she has a favorite wine, but do it before you get to the restaurant, then order the wine for both of you.

Suggest a Entrée
Suggest an entrée if you know what is good, but don’t order for her unless she asks you to. You want to lead the evening, but not dictate it.

Look Into Her Eyes
When you are talking to her, look into her eyes. Her eyes are the windows to her soul. If you are watching her, you will know what she is thinking as the conversation progresses. Don’t stare, but watching her eyes will increase your communication beyond the words being spoken.

Ask Her If She Wants A Bite
Ask her if she would like a bite of your entrée. Sharing food is a great way to create an intimate moment. Don’t force it, but ask and see if she is interested.

Escort Her Home
Take her all the way home. Do not call her a cab or drop her off somewhere. Make sure she gets home safely.

The keys to a successful night dining out are to pick the right romantic restaurant, then behave like a gentleman. Follow these guidelines and it is hard to go wrong.