The first wedding night! A great experience or a great sleep?

This will be the night that fulfils all the wants and needs of the happy couple.

Their first wedding night together as husband and wife are meant to be special – The climax of the wedding celebrations.

To be sure the nightly acts are as perfect as you hope for why not have some male and female aphrodisiac in hand just in case.

In ancient times the first wedding night was not at all a private matter. It was common and expected for the couple to be followed to the bed by the guests. Here the guests witnessed the love act. Only then the wedding was really completed and the couple legally husband and wife.

Of course in most western societies it is no longer expected for the couple to be virgins.

Most young people have had experience with the opposite sex prior to their first wedding night. Still on our wedding day we want it all to be romantic and special.

Then remember that the day has been long and you have most likely been on somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster…..

First the stressful morning with worries of all things that could go wrong. Then the nervousness prior to the wedding ceremony. Next comes the emotional overwhelming feeling walking up, standing by the alter and going through the ceremony.

The first wedding night! A great experience or a great sleep?

All through this you are at the centre of everyone’s attention and will be until the party is over.

Luckily you have chosen a beach wedding. Most beach wedding has a somewhat more laidback tone which will help to ease the tension and take the pressure off the wedding couple.

Still you will probably be pretty knocked out after the celebrations.

With this in mind don’t have too high expectations of your first wedding night.

It is not at all strange if you both want to sleep or talk about the days exiting events rather than throwing yourself into passionate lovemaking.

Whatever your needs are it can be both practical and romantic to spend your first wedding night at a hotel preferable the wedding suite…..(or a romantic beach cottage)


Have fun!

Enjoy the moment!

Remember that if you are lucky you will only experience this moment once……