The Gallbladder Diet – What You Need To Know?

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A gallbladder diet may be just what the body ordered. Actually your diet has everything to do with your overall health. But we’ll just concentrate on the gallbladder. I know a gallbladder diet can be hard for some people, but if you have gallstones I recommend you change your diet.

First take a look at what you eat. Then look at when you eat. Look at how much you eat. Notice what mood you are in when you eat. Last pay attention to how you feel after you eat. The easiest way to keep track of all this is with a food diary. The reason you are doing this is to help you clean up your eating habits. This is a great tool to show you what is going on with your diet and your body. A gallbladder diet is just plain healthy.

Food allergies have a way of bringing on an attack. Dr. Breneman believes that the ingestion of allergens causes the bile duct to swell. This blocks the bile in the gallbladder. His elmination diet consists of: beef, rye, soybean, rice, cherry, peach, beet and spinich. You eat only these foods for 2 week. Then every week add one of these foods. Eggs, pork, onion, fowl, milk, coffee, citrus, corn, and nuts. Of course if they bother you, stop eating it. That means you have an allergy. He thinks you should start at the bottom of the list and work up. Eggs seem to bring on more attacks than any of the other foods.

Sugar is a definate no-no in a gallbladder diet. There is lots of evidence pointing in the direction of a link between sugar and gallstones, even bile duct cancer.

The Gallbladder Diet   What You Need To Know?

Refined carbohydrates (sugar, white flour) contribute to the picture. Part of that picture being over weight. But you don’t want to loose weight fast or go on a “fast” either. These may make matters worse. The best suggestion is to cut out hydrogenated fats, sugar, and processed flour. One big note do not use artificial sweeteners. Both splenda and nutra sweet are poison in my opinion. Use raw sugar or honey. If you are diabetic, then stevia is an extremely sweet herb.

Coffee, caffinated and decaf, is real good at causing an attack. I know I would have a hard time in the morning without my cup, but if I had to make a choice between pain (and possible surgery) and my health, I would choose my health (this gallbladder diet isn’t all that bad). Green tea is a healthy substitute. Or there are other herb teas that wake you up. Avoid legumes (beans). They are associated with an increase of stones.

Now what should you eat? My recommendations for a gallbladder diet are

Lots of good fiber

Both steamed and fresh vegetables,

lots of fruit, especially apples. They are full of pectin which can help or reverse gallstones.

Oat bran and guar gum are good too.

Plenty of olive oil and coconut oil. You can cook with coconut oil and it does not breat down into trans fat. It is very healthy for you.

Lots of fish or a good quality fish oil supplement. Carlsons is the best in my opinion. It is guarenteed to be mercury free.

Nutrition is the basic building block. If you don’t eat the foods your body needs it doesn’t function well. You need your gallbladder (contrary to what some doctors will tell you) for the digestion of fats. The body needs fats for your mental health, nerves, fat burning process, and overall health. If you have had your gallbladder removed already you may need digestive enzymes with every meal. Especially meals with fat.

I have one other point to make. If you are developing stones you may want to take a look at your liver also. There is usually a connection there.

Use diet and nutrition to improve your health the natural way. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel, both physically and mentally, when you eat right. That is the best home remedy I know.