The Golden Rule of Positive Self-Talk

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Here’s the secret of high self-esteem: Do unto yourself as though you were another. In other words, treat yourself at least as well as you would treat other people. Sometimes, wanting to be liked, we are on our best behavior with other people, but treat ourselves appallingly, not caring what the consequences may be. We talk unlovingly to ourselves in negative terms, and say things to ourselves which we would never tolerate or accept coming from another. Listen to the way you talk to yourself. How much of your self-commentary is pro-you, self-affirming and inspiring?

Do you keep up a running commentary to yourself regarding how you look, how people are relating to you, your performance during an activity, or what others may be thinking about you? Would you like to hear that monologue coming from anyone else? This constant chatter not only detracts from your confidence and self-reliance, but also takes you out of the present moment, breaking your concentration and focus on whatever you are engaged in. And how does this kind of self-talk benefit you anyway? I say, NOT AT ALL!

The Golden Rule of Positive Self Talk

So be aware of your inner monologue, and, as much as possible, counteract the negativity by “feeding” yourself some positive affirmations. Take 20 minutes and write these Courage Affirmations on your daily calendar. Simply the act of writing them affixes them in your mind, and you can focus on one each day. Try to dwell on the ones that inspire you the most, and make it your mantra for the day, putting the words to your favorite song or whatever tune is running through your head today. I like to sing the words, “I have $360 thousand dollars in the bank…” to Pechebel’s Canon.

Affirmations for courage, confidence, self-image, self-improvement. Here are the some affirmations for enhancing the courage and daily living. When you say or write the affirmations, feel them, believe them. Feel the meaning of the words. Feel free to adapt them to your needs and likings. • I am courageous. I am strong, bold and confident. • All the power is within me. I am courageous. I am abundant. • My radiantly positive thoughts impart hope, joy and courage. • I have courage to step up. It’s natural to me. • I have the courage to follow my dreams and goals with passion. I do what I love to do