The Head Halter Collar: Good Control but Dangerous

The head halter collar is an extremely popular dog collar. They are carried in most pet supply stores, and are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.

They act on the principle that if you have control of your dog’s head, you have control over his movements. It is the same concept used with horse halters. You can literally lead the dog wherever you want him to go.

Beware: INJURY

B>Beware though, the head halter collar can be very dangerous to your dog. Since you are used to giving your dog a quick pull or check from the leash to stop bad behavior, you will be inclined to do so with this collar. However when you yank on this collar the dogs’ head and neck are pulled upward, (since your taller than the dog) and to the side. This violent movement can cause serious neck injury. The head halter collar is meant as a lead, not a check collar. You need to use it differently than you may be used to using other collars. Think about this each time you place it over your dog’s head.

Dog Dissatisfaction

When you first put the head halter collar on your dog expect him to go a little nutstrying to get it off. My dog, Brandy rolled and rolled pawing at her nose for 15 minutes before she finally accepted it. Even then she had a sort of scowl on her face the whole time it was attached.

The Head Halter Collar: Good Control but Dangerous

I have had similar experiences with other dogs. They just don’t seem to like the restriction around their muzzle. I also noticed it seems to cow the dog into a submissive tone. Brandy seemed to lose her normal vigor. She acted like a dog just out of her cage for the first time when I finally took it off her nose, running around in glee.

The head halter collar was effective in controlling the dog, but it seems to me the price of potential injury and the dog’s obvious dislike of the halter is not worth that control. I would definitely go with snap training collar, or prong collar before purchasing a head halter collar.