The Health Benefit of Yoga – What’s in it for You?

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Teachers will often refer to the health benefit of Yoga through the joining of body, mind and spirit. This mind-body relationship can be achieved through regular practice of the yoga techniques and exercises.

Yoga teachers believe the mind and body can join as one and work together in harmony. Like water, that will always find it’s own level, your body will also seek it’s own level of health and well being.Through this harmonising process the body and mind will work together and heal itself if it senses any problems.

This harmononising process will occur if the right environment has been nurtured through proper yoga teachings. Many doctors consider the main health benefit of yoga will have a therapeutic affect on our modern day ailments. They recommend yoga for curing illnesses, such as those related to the nervous system.

Yoga is not a recent western one minute wonder exercise. It has been around for thousands of years. It would not have stood the test of time if people had not reported the many benefits of yoga.

Along with the anecdotal evidence,many studies into these perceived health benefits have been successfully conducted.

The Health Benefit of Yoga   Whats in it for You?

The health benefits of Yoga can be summarised into three areas:

  • Physiological
  • Psychological
  • Biochemical

The Physiological health benefit of yoga include:

  • decreasing your resting heart rate
  • normalising your bloodpressure
  • increasing resistance to ailments through the development of the immune system
  • increase efficiency of your respiratory system
  • correcting and problems with the nervous system
  • correcting digestive problems
  • improving mobility
  • increasing muscle endurance
  • correcting lymph gland functioning
  • healthier heart
  • improving hand-eye coordination and
  • reaction time
  • creating better sleep patterns

The Psychological health benefit of yoga is related to the meditative aspects.

Yoga benefits have the potential for the following:

  • personal acceptance
  • self realization. Being aware of what is happening inside your body
  • improved social skills
  • increased feeling of well-being
  • improving your concentration
  • improving your memory, mood and
  • learning ability

…the list just keeps on going!

Studies have reported on the following Biochemical health benefits of yoga

  • decreases of glucose levels
  • improvements in cholesterol levels
  • decrease in sodium levels
  • increases of vitamin C, total serum protein and haemoglobin.

Results of scientific studies have discovered additional yoga health benefits such as improving joint flexibility and an improvement in the range of movement in your joints.

The nature of the yoga postures have additional benefits. Many of your internal organs end up being gently massaged as a result of the various positions you will practice. This has a restorative effect on these organs and can help in preventing diseases.

This massaging and stretching helps to increase blood supply. This in turn helps out to pump out all of those nasty toxins, giving your body a wonderful internal clean.

All of this results in probably the most significant health benefit of yoga…

… your body looks and feels great!

The exercises combined with the deep breathing techniques rejuvenates the skin and eliminates facial wrinkles.

Hooray you say…The bad news…You will need to practice yoga for a long time to see everyone of these results.

The bottom line and the good news…

If you practice yoga only for a little while you will see immediate health benefits. You will become more aware of your body, how you walk, stand and sit. You will very quickly see improvements in your flexibility and strength.

Lower back problems may be resolved through the increased strength in your abs.

I am a great believer that a high proportion of back problems can be eliminated by strengthening your core body strength. If you can improve the strength in your abs, you mat see a significant improvement in lower back problems.

And the best short term health benefit of yoga…

The body and mind relaxes…No more stress levels!

Yoga has a calming and relaxing effect on your body.

And if you take one of the more gentle classes…don’t be surprised if you fall asleep!

Happy asanas!!!