The History of Computer Viruses

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And other important timelines in the history of computer viruses. The History of computer viruses starts somewhere in the 1986 when the first virus was created. The Computer Viruses have been around for longer time than you might think. But with help from the Internet it seems like the computer virus is here to staty.

History and timelines of computer viruses – Pc Virus is born.
1986 was the year when first computer virus for “PC” was created and also this was the year of first computer virus attack known to public as the Brain virus. Most of people are unanimous that virus was created in Pakistan.

This virus was a member of the boot-sector viruses. This means it only infected boot records of the 360K floppy disks but not computer harddrives. It used free space on the floppy disk making the disk unusable.

The virus was also the first known “stealth” virus. This means the virus hided itself from beeing detected. Lets imagine that you try to to view the infected space on the infected 360k floppy disk. What Brain virus then would display will be the original uninfected boot sector.

In 1987 actually at the end of the year In November the Lehigh virus was discovered by people at Lehigh University (U.S.A). This virus was the first “memory resident file infector” in the history of viruses. File infecting viruses attacks different kind of executable files. The Lehigh virus attacked a file in windows system called COMMAND.COM. When this file was executed (It usually occured by booting from an infected disk) the virus stayed in the resident memory.

Next month same year in December, the Jerusalem virus appeared to its audience at Hebrew University in Israel. This virus was also of the same type like the Leigh Virus meaning ti was a memory resident file infector. It was also the first kind of virus that contained a bug in history of computer viruses which forced it to attack again already infected programs.

In 1988 the first anti-virus program in the history of computer viruses are created. The program was specially designed to detect and remove the Brain virus and immunized 360k floppy disks from beiing infected by the Brain virus. The Cascade virus was detected in Germany and it was also the first known encrypted viruses which mean it was impossble to change or remove the Virus when it infected your computer.

The History of Computer Viruses

In 1989 On September 17 the Washington Post reported a computer virus that springs to life destructively on Friday the 13th is on the loose. This virus was named the Data Crime. The virus ended up being blown way out of proportion.

After the DataCrime a virus named the Dark Avenger introduced a new feature in the virus arsenal. The virus was created to damage a computer slowly. The plan of the virus was to get unnoticed at first and when damaged files were backed up it will follow with the infected files.

Same year In October the Frodo virus showed up to audience in Israel. This virus was the the first in history of computer virusesas full stealth file infector. The special thing with this virus was that it will only infect your computer if the virus was run on or after September 22 of any year.

1990 was an important year in the history of computer viruses.Many of the antivirus products were presented like the ones from IBM, McAfee, Digital Dispatch and Iris. Same year the computer viruses combining various characteristics showed up. The special with them was that they included “Polymorphism” meaning it involves encrypted viruses where the decryption routine code is variable.

Then Armoring which used to prevent the antivirus researchers from dissembling a virus to see how it was created. And also Multipartite which could infect both programs and boot sectors on your computer.

The 1991 was also an importan part of the history of computer viruses.It was the year when Symantec company released the Norton AntiVirus software.Same year In April the Tequlia virus was presented itself to the world.It was made by two brother 18 and 21 year old from Switzerland.

Year 1992 in March the virus Michaelangelo was discovered. Experst predicted that massive disruptions is going to happen and antivirus software sales soared to the sky. As we know now the cases of the Michaelangelo virus were far and few between.

The year was 1993 and the SatanBug virus started to appear around Washington DC. This was a special The expers of the antivirus companies and FBI was chocked when they found out that creator of the virus was a kid. Same year the Cruncher virus was considered to be a good virus because the virus used to compress infected programs and on that way give the computers more disk space.

In 1994 a virus called Kaos4 was attached to a pornography news group file. This virus was was encoded as text and was downloaded by a different number of users.Same year the Pathogen virus was discovered in England. Creator of the virus was tracked down by Scotland Yard’s Computer Crime Unit and was also convicted.

History and timelines of computer viruses– MicroVirusis born.
In the 1995 different antivirus companies were worried that nobody soon would need them anymore because Microsoft was released Windows 95. The most collection of viruses was still belonged to the group of boot viruses. This kind of viruses worked only on DOS but wouldn’t replicate on Windows 95. But this was probably most important year for computer virus because they start to grow faster and faster with help from Windows 95. The history of computer viruses shows us that from this point the computer viruses starts to seriously threat the computer security world.

Later in 1995 the MacroVirus started to appear around the world. These kind of viruses works in the MS-Word environment. The antivirus companies was caught off guard but they was really happy at the same time cause this was a new market for them.

The year was 1996 and the Concept virus member of the macrovirus group becomes the most common virus in the whole world. The Boza was a weak virus but first virus designed only for Windows 95. The Laroux virus was the first to infect Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

In 1999 the Melissa virus was detected. The virus uses the Microsoft Word to infect other computers. It is also passed to other computers through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express email software.

The 2000 millennium was the year when the I Love You Virus started to show up in different place of the world. It is attached by e-mail and when you openit the virus automatically sent a copy of itself to everyone in your address book.

History and timelines of computer viruses – What will happen in the future and how will the history of computer viruses look in ten years?

• Different polymorphic DOS viruses with additional problems of polymorphism in macro virus and other type of virus for Windows.

• The macro viruses with new and improved ways of infecting and covering tracks of their code in the system.

• The network viruses which uses the network protocols and commands for spreading themselves and causing damage.