The History Of Jewellery

The history of jewellery, and origins, although fascinating, are vast and comprehensive, so I will only touch on it briefly here.

Jewellery has been used as an adornment over many ages, often as a sign of religion (crucifix), or authority and status (crowns and tiaras). Today it is also used for health (Medic Alert jewellery), and fun as in belly bars and puzzle rings.

Historically, materials used range from bone, animals teeth, shells, dried berries, flowers & grasses in prehistoric times, to precious metals & gemstones in eras from Egyptian to Edwardian times, and right up to date. Also we have the flavour of Native American Indian, Inca, Aztec, Asian,Indian. Some of these go back 5000 years or more.

The History Of Jewellery

In the USA gold was found in California during the late 1840′s. Due to the influx of people to the area, that period became known as the gold rush. Today high mining costs and scarcity make gold and platinum more expensive. Clogau (Welsh gold) is a fine example.

Diamonds are said to have be discovered in South Africa by a farmhand during the 1860′s on the De Beers Farm. This is understood to be the Central Selling Organisation which now controls nearly 80% of the worlds diamond trade.

During Victorian times a process was implemented to produce jewellery on a mass scale, making it a more affordable for everyone.