The History of Warmbat Ugg Boots?

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The history of ugg boots can be traced back many decades in Australia and New Zealand.

The history of our WarmbatTM boots dates back to the 1950′s. They originated in Western Australia where founder David Renouf’s father used to take him to visit the shoe factory where he was employed as sales manager. Facinated by all he saw, David loved the footwear fashioned from sheepskins the most.

By 1969 David had started his own footwear import/export business and created his first Warmbat Australian sheepskin boot. During the early years most of his customers were surfers who wanted the boots because they warmed their feet up quickly after a cold winter’s morning surfing, and David sold the boots straight out of the back of his truck on the beach.

Today, over 30 years after creating the original design, Warmbat’s boots have been enhanced with the use of modern sole materials and have evolved in response to fashion’s dictates. However, the preservation of the high quality standards for design, materials and workmanship have continued to distingush Warmbat boots from inferior imitations.

Warmbat are so obsessed with comfort that every boot is designed “feet first” because whilst fashion is important in footwear, comfort is critical. (How many pairs of boots and shoes have you relegated to the back of the cupboard because, although they looked great, they are just too painful to wear? I’m sure I’m not the only one to have made that mistake in the past!)

The History of Warmbat Ugg Boots?

Today, Warmbat honours its long history by adding unique fashion features to the incomparable luxury of Australian sheepskin boots. They blend seamlessly the traditional and contempory colours with the distinctive, unique Warmbat braid of authentic aboriginal artwork and the distinctive Warmbat Australia embroidered logo.

Now you too can discover the legendary comfort that has delighted Aussie feet for decades.