What is The Importance of Table Position in Texas Holdem?

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In Texas Holdem, table position changes with each hand. In each hand, a different player has the “button,” (is the “dealer,”) although in on-line Texas Holdem, the computer actually deals. This player always bets last.

Depending upon your position from the “dealer,” you will bet first, second, third, etc. all the way to last, if you happen to be the “dealer” for that hand. The “dealer” always bets last.

The first player to the left of the “dealer” is the “small blind,” (posts 1/2 the blind amount) the next left player is the “big blind,”(posts the full blind amount).What is The Importance of Table Position in Texas Holdem?

The player who is the third left of the dealer is the first player to have the option to bet or fold. This is sometimes referred to as being “under the gun.”

The player who is “under the gun” has a big disadvantage in placing his bet, since he has no information to indicate to him what the other bettors may be holding.

The later bettors have the advantage, because they will have the benefit of seeing how the other bettors are playing their hands.

A good player will bet less when “under the gun” and more when he has more information with which to gauge his bets.

A good strategy, when an early bettor is to simply call, but then raise on the next go around, if it appears the others are limping in.