The Law of Abundance Means There Is An Abundance of Everything

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The Law of Abundance is a kind of “parallel” to the Law of Attraction.

Where the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like” and asserts that we have the power to create and manifest all that we desire, the Law of Abundance states that there is a limitless supply from which to create all that we desire.

Essentially, it states that everything is made of the same “stuff” (energy – which we discuss in other articles on the site). There is no limit to this energy; it’s infinite. Picture an infinitely vast, infinitely deep ocean of raw material from which everything (material and non-material) is formed. You could remove a trillion tons of this raw material and it would not lower the ocean’s level by one millimeter.

There is a limitless supply of everything, always available to everyone. Abundance always has been and always will be universal.

The view that there is a limit to anything is just an illusion.

The Law of Abundance applies to everything in the universe. It applies to the largest stars and galaxies, the tiniest subatomic particles, and everything in between – including you.

The entire universe is made up of energy – Infinite Energy. Not just parts of it, but all of it. Even things which appear to be completely lifeless and devoid of energy – asteroids, for example, or empty space – are filled with massive energy. It’s been said that a single cubic meter of empty space contains enough potential energy to boil all of Earth’s oceans simultaneously.

The Law of Abundance Means There Is An Abundance of Everything

This energy is everything. There is nothing, and nowhere, that it is not. It is infinite, hence the term “Infinite Energy”. It is a vast yet totally interconnected energy matrix, vibrating at different frequencies within itself.

The frequencies at which it vibrates determine what it manifests as: material things (solids, liquids and gases); non-material things (radio waves, light rays and so on); even thoughts, feelings, consciousness and beyond.

The Law of Abundance states that there are no limits to anything.

Regardless of what Infinite Energy manifests as, it always manifests as something. The Law of Abundance guarantees that. There is no limit to what it can manifest as, and there is no limit to how much it can manifest. Again, any concept of limitation is an illusion… nothing more.

Scarcity is a thing too.

Many of us, driven by the delusions of ego, have adopted a scarcity mindset. Based on the perception that there are limits to what we can create, do, give or receive, we tend to cling to the things we have. We fear losing them because we believe that once they’re gone there will be nothing to replace them. We believe there are limits to what we deserve; limits to what we can accomplish, learn or understand.

A scarcity mindset breeds thoughts of competition: we fixate on getting what we want before someone else does, and we try to prevent others from taking what we already have. Life becomes a constant struggle to get more and then hang on to it. It creates envy of others who have “more”, and it may even create the compulsion to prevent others from getting “more” than we do. It encourages attachments to things; don’t lose what you have, because once it’s gone it’s gone for good.

A scarcity mindset can also encourage a guilt or martyr complex. In these cases, we may believe that we don’t deserve to enjoy abundance when there are so many people in the world living in poverty. Or we may believe that we are more pious if we make do with less and deny ourselves an abundant existence. Does this sound sensible? Look at it this way: if you remain poor because others in the world are poor, how much will you be able to help them? If you deny yourself abundance because you think it will grant you favor in the eyes of your chosen deity, try looking at it from another perspective. What if he/she/it is actually sending you blessing after blessing and opportunity after opportunity to live an abundant, joyful life, and you are rejecting every one of them?

There are no limits to anything – including what you can create and receive.

When Creating Life Abundance, one of the most important things to do is acknowledge the Law of Abundance.

Acknowledge that you are really a part of an infinite whole, and you are completely connected to anything and everything you need and desire. You have the power to create with Infinite Energy because you are Infinite Energy. There is really no separation between you and anything else – including everything that you want. There is always a limitless supply to draw from, and there is no need to be attached to anything. Nothing that can be “taken away” – and I mean nothing – is so valuable that it cannot be replaced. You can even replace it with something better!

Letting go of your beliefs in limits is the first step in embracing the Law of Abundance. Your ego and conditioned mind might try to object, but ignore their protests. Let go of all thoughts of lack, and bring the idea of limitless abundance to the front of your awareness. Imagine yourself living a life without limits. What would you do? What would you create? How would you think? How would you feel?

Imagine what you would do for others, and imagine what you would do for yourself. What would you like to contribute and give? What would you like to receive? What dreams would you like to fulfill?

Let your imagination run free, and really feel yourself enjoying the experience here and now.

Regardless of what you imagine, the Law of Abundance guarantees that you have what you need to create it!