The Law of Balanced Life – How to Truly Live a Balanced Life

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Balanced life (law of balance) How does the law of balance affect our lives? Basically every area of our life is affected by what we do or don’t do. When we do too much or too little of certain activities is when we stop leading a balanced life.

There are four main areas that need to be nurtured, being our physical body (health), our emotional body (feelings), our mental body (thoughts) and finally our spiritual body (source).

Having a balanced life has a different meaning for each individual, but the universal law of balance still remains. So we need to have room in our lives for each main area, so that it can be developed and create a sense of harmony within us.

If for instance, if we worked in a job that required a lot of thought, but was behind a desk all day, was long hours which kept us busy longer than usual, we’d be out of balance with our health, spirit and emotions. Because there are other factors at play besides work, like exercise to stay fit, time for ourselves to connect with our own source and soul. And if we had a family, it would unbalance their lives with your own on an emotional level, due to you not being there as often as you could be.

The Law of Balanced Life   How to Truly Live a Balanced Life

Now this all seems very elemental, but if we take this a step deeper and look at hour it can affect us and others, we might begin to sit up and take notice. If we expand upon the sub-areas that all fit in with being balance, and how if we neglect any one of them we ultimately create illness, upset, and other imbalance of within our bodies, relationships and external world we might begin to make more effort to change areas in our own lives that are lagging.

Let’s take a look at some other areas in our daily lives where we need to find and maintain balance (maybe you can think of more for yourself?):
- Sleep and sufficient rest
- Nutrition and diet
- Fluid maintenance (water and juice)
- Time for yourself
- Emotional healing and nurturing time
- Thinking
- Exercise (physical and spiritual)

What you need to do is take the above areas and put percentages next to each one on the level of balance you currently have. Being in balance might mean that you give more time to one or two very important areas, and less time to the others. But if you give too much time to only one area, then that is where major hurdles occur. You need to listen to your own feelings and do the things that feel right for you at any given moment.

One thing to keep at the top of your awareness also, is to stay true to yourself to ensure your life balance is right for you. This might mean, saying “no” to certain activities and events that people in your life ask you to join in, because they don’t serve you.

Being your own best friend and balanced, happy and in touch with your source is extremely important, but it’s very difficult to do this if your allowing external influences to drive and dictate what you should be doing. Please don’t feel like you have to be responsible for making others happy by doing what they want you to do all the time. We’re each 100% responsible for ourselves and all that affects us, and sometimes to stay balanced within, we need to change things externally that will cause upset in others, but that is their problem, not yours. So stay true to yourself.

You actually give your power away when you let others get the better of you and control your outcomes. So by addressing the problems that others present to you in a loving way you maintain your own power and also retain your relationships.

If you give to others what you’d like to receive yourself, in support, love, appreciation and making them feel important sincerely from your heart, you’ll in turn receive that back. So instead of being fearful of what your friends, spouse and colleagues might think of you by being your true self, if you face that fear head on in a loving way, things will turn out in a perfect state of grace.

You should never need to be in a fear state, fear surrenders your power and balance in every facet of your life. It also separates you from your God energy, which is a loving and light energy, and what you actually need most in times of fear, worry or doubt.

There are ways to bring the light of your God energy into your being, to help re-balance your life when you need it most. What you can do is sit comfortably, and relax your entire body, then focus on the scenario or person you fear in your mind, so clearly that you actually feel the fear. From here, imagine drawing on your God energy (pure light) allowing it to pass into your mind and onto your heart, the from there aim the intense loving light in your heart at the fear.

Imagine the fearful scenario or person changing into one of love, peace and positive outcome. Pause there for a moment and really feel what the positive outcome is like and how you feel now that it’s fixed. Now, when you go into the real world scenario, face the situation just as it is in your mind, “fixed.” When you face the fearful scenario or person next, act as if everything is fine which will most likely confuse the people involved. No matter how they react, from this moment on, in your mind the situation is solved, peaceful and “behind” you. Don’t allow them to imbalance your happiness and life any longer.

You’ll be surprised that the love you send out to eliminate that situation, that they’ll either change their views towards you and all will be ok, or they’ll disappear out of the picture all together because they no longer have power of you.

You will regain your power as soon as you love and accept who you are, and not try and be someone else’s ideal or future ideal. You are perfect just as you are and right where you need to be in a state of perfect grace.

Affirmation: I am a special and unique being, at peace with all of creation. I accept my own awareness and responsibility to maintain my own balanced life. I set an example of how to treat others, and how they treat me, with respect and love in everything I do. I acknowledge the powerful law of balance and am balanced in all that I do.