The Law of Charity – Giving Is The Way To Recieve

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Giving is the essence of the law of charity, living in abundance and sharing in abundance is the universe was designed from scratch. And there is numerous support from scriptures and the universe to support this.

Take for example one of the teachings of Jesus, he stated “do not turn your face away from any poor, and God’s face will not be turned away from you,” now this doesn’t mean go out and give beyond your means, or give something that you don’t have.

What it does mean is share with others, those things that you do have and more will come your way, the universe is an abundant universe. The law of reciprocity will reimburse you ten fold for the giving of your time, love, assistance, happiness, wealth, wisdom, compassion and anything else that is good for humanity.

In the church they call giving of money to the parish “almsgiving” and that is where you donate, as small or a large a contribution of wealth as you can, which then goes to those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

In nature however and the universe, our energy of giving vibrates off levels of love and well meaning, and that changes the abundance levels inside you and around you.

The Law of Charity   Giving Is The Way To Recieve

Mother earth is also extremely giving and forgiving, she is able to take the abuse and “taking nature” that man has put her through, and still she comes back with more resources. Some people say that she won’t survive and there are facts everywhere stating how the worlds oil resources and holes in the ozone layer are side effects of our abusing and taking from mother earth.

But I believe that if humanity begins to give back to mother earth, and begin to work with her, she’ll give more than we could ever imagine. We can learn a lot about giving from nature, take any fruit tree for example, we plant a seed in the ground, water it, allow it to become a seedling, and then prosper.

Once the plant is mature, we take the fruit from it and then a new cycle begins. Over time it re-grows the fruit and we can once again enjoy them. I believe that all we need to do here is “Give Thanks” to the resources as we take them, as an attitude of gratitude and physically and emotionally giving thanks to our resources will give off an energy of love to that will positively affect each resource we give thanks to.

I know such an attitude might seem funny or weird, but if you think about it, our physical bodies, animals and plants are just different forms of energy created out of the same loving substance of the universe, which we call God or Universal Energy.

At the sub-atomic particle level our energy that we give off and vibrate at, can heighten the rate of other energy forms, i.e. plants, animals and other objects etc.

Here’s a real world example, I recently stayed at a relatives house to look after it, my mum and dad who are beautiful souls were there also. Now this house while the family living in it are lovely people, they live a “highly stressed” life, they are on the go all the time and arguing constantly between themselves.

I know what you’re thinking (sounds like our family or a family we know), but jokes aside, this family had a number of animals namely three dogs and a cat. One of the dogs when we go there had no hair on it’s back, and the cat was apparently suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, an affliction that causes people and animals to forget things.

In this case the cat forgot about itself eating, so would regurgitate it’s food after eating due to overeating all the time, this caused it to remain thin constantly. Also it constantly raided the pantry for food or anything else it could eat, including plastic that covered much of the bread and other foods.

Long story short, after 3 weeks with the highly stressed family removed, it gained weight, and stopped raiding the pantry as well as vomiting its food back up. The dog with no hair at the end of 3 weeks had grown its hair almost completely back.


Because we had given charity of our love to these animals, by living in alignment with the law of charity, we gave affection, and a no stress environment to these animals which caused them to repair themselves, just as mother earth can repair herself.

Now is this coincidence? I don’t think so, I’ve seen, heard, read and personally experienced many scenarios like this and it’s nothing unusual for me. But if you’re reading this for the first time, and learning about the law of charity, then it could be one of the major lessons you’ll ever learn and I hope it is.

So as I close this article on the law of charity, I want you to become conscious of what things in your life have been affected by your charity or lack of it, as this energy can go both ways with either scarcity or abundance being manifested.

I urge you to begin being more charitable and compassionate to those around us who have less than we have, you’re energy and life will change because of it.