The Law of Compassion – The Way to Being Closer to God’s Energy

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The law of compassion is basically a law grounded in love, and is very close to the law of unconditional love. Compassion is the ability to relate to and wish to help those who are in pain or suffering, as well as those who are in a worse of situation than ourselves.

It’s quite easy for us to display compassion to our loved ones, and we tend to be quite biased in our regard for our loved ones. But when it comes to those who we don’t know, or who have chosen their life’s lesson to be in some form of desperate need for painful circumstances, i.e. drug addicts, alcoholics etc we tend to not display our compassion for them as much.

But for us to develop ourselves as higher graded spiritual beings, we need to connect with these unfortunate souls, who have chosen these pathways, because if they come into our life in some way, even in the form of a beggar needing money and we don’t show compassion, we are in fact denying ourselves compassion at the same time.

We attract into our lives the things we need to learn, and if a repeated pattern where a certain type of person comes into our lives, we need to face it and learn that lesson.

I once had this lesson with a certain type of business program, where almost every week I would be invited into a program called a network marketing company or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) program. The invites for me to go along to a meeting were relentless, and it seemed the more I resented being invited into these programs, the more of them would show up and invite me.

The Law of Compassion   The Way to Being Closer to Gods Energy

Looking back it was quite an amazing lesson of the universe, and just goes to show that we really do attract what it is we are focussed on. I was so aware of these types of people who are out there to invite me into these programs, and the fact that I’d once been invited, signed up and burnt, made me even more aware of the downside of what these programs had in store for me. They were typical high-pressure invitations where I couldn’t really say no, so I’d say yes and then make up an excuse before the meeting.

It wasn’t a very “compassionate” way to go about things and over time I learnt that these people are in one of the toughest businesses in the world. They’re out there trying to promote something they too were pushed into, and they need to make a living also. I realized that they were doing the “best they could” with what they knew and they were only trying to make a go of things like I was also, but in a different way.

The minute I began to feel compassion towards them, and relate to them, even feel sorry for them and their situation, it made me want to help them. But I never joined their cause, because it wasn’t my decision to do so, however I did open up to their way of living and found that I could talk to them on a much more open minded and honest way.

I discovered many things about the many different businesses out there, and even realized there were a few very honest, ethical ones as well (even though I never chose to take part in one). The funny thing was, the minute I began to front up to these people and change my viewpoint of them by having compassion and being honest enough to say to them “Thanks but no thanks, but how else can I help you my friend?” the invitations began to disappear as quickly as they manifested… I had learned my lesson in this instance.

Had I have gotten mad, angry, and insulting towards these people when they approached me, the lesson would have escalated from one invite a week to 10 invites a week, as that’s how the universe teaches us, and I would have chosen the lessons to keep coming due to my attitude and thought process.

So I want you to relate my above experience to a real life situation you might be facing right now in your life. Are you facing hardship, turmoil or frustration with someone in your life? Maybe you know this person well, or maybe there’s someone who seems a little odd and is reaching out to you and you’ve been denying them the right to compassion from you.

It matters not what has happened in the past, but from this point forward you are aware of the law of compassion. And if you wish to water the seeds of spirituality inside of you, and become the God essence you were meant to be on this earth, then you’ll need to be aware and practice the law of compassion more and more.

Believe me, the lessons you’ll learn and hurdles you’ll overcome in yourself and day to day life will be amazing, and this will hurtle you upwards towards deeper enlightenment. Please take the opportunity to meditate on a situation where you can project compassion to someone you know (or don’t know) who needs it. By meditating on it and projecting it, will then bring it to pass, when the situation does arise in real life (and believe me it will) do the right thing, offer compassion with all your heart. You’ll be thankful you did!