The Law of Courage – The Tool to Remain True to Your Purpose!

Courage (law of) What is the law of courage? And what does it mean to be courageous? Well to a great many people they think courage is something that only the brave, strong, outspoken and outgoing personalities to take on. But courage can run very deeply and is traced back to the heart and soul and can be strongly traced back to those very special leaders who appear meek and mild, but are extremely strong spiritually and their awareness makes them strong internally.

This internal strength and spiritual awareness can make even the quietest, shyest and meekest of them all and fill them with intense and persistent courage.

Once you have a solid and good purpose to drive you, certain actions that are considered bold, courageous and very brave to others, are just second nature to you. This is what moulds and motivates the great leaders of the world and also the top performers as they have a big beautiful goal to achieve, which gives them drive, tenacity and internal strength.

You don’t have to be a great leader to have courage, I could tell you about the likes of the Nelson Mandela’s of the world. How they sacrificed years of their life in concentration camps, where they were starved, beaten and faced situations where death was on their doorstep every single day.

The Law of Courage   The Tool to Remain True to Your Purpose!

But the few great leaders who we hear about and make a massive statement through displaying extreme courage, are only a handful of the many courageous people on this planet.

How can we be courageous in our own daily lives?

We can do many things that display courage in our daily lives, we could stand up 100% for what we believe in, and follow through with our good intent no matter what others say or think. If we have good intent and mean well with our purpose and goals then we should go for it all out and not be discouraged by what anyone says.

Courage also means you could go back and face situations where you once failed miserably, or where you felt a lot of pain where you need to overcome them and stay on track toward meeting your goals.

You might have a tremendous amount of fear that you need to overcome and face, so that your cause can be heard by the world. Whatever your situation is, as long as it’s got a good cause for yourself and humanity, creates a better environment for people if they had what you have to offer as opposed to not having it, then a healthy dose of courage backed with action will ensure you are heard.

One last point that you need to know about, is to have the courage to start something new and never, ever give up on your ideas, goals and purpose that you know within your heart is right for you. You might face adversity, and make mistakes, but at least you’ll know that every lesson you learn that is a mistake, is getting you closer to what success means for you.