The Law of Cycles – How to Harness & Understand It In Your Life

The law of cycles allows us to observe the evolution of life on this earth. Absolutely everything works in cycles, the seasons, plants, animals and human beings. The way the universe has been designed is to maintain its reproduction, and it does it via the law of cycles.

You’ll notice that as a plant grows, and goes from seed, to seedling, to mature plant and finally withering and returning to the soil, that it will leave behind seeds to carry on the growth and hence a new cycle of life begins.

Apart from living in our own cycles on earth and in the physical plane, we also live in cycles from a spiritual plane. We are here on earth to go through learning cycles, sometimes we’ll make the same mistakes over and over again, until we learn how to break the cycle and learn from our mistakes.

We can even go through cycles of multiple lifetimes, where we come to earth to learn a lesson, and don’t “get it,” then you’ll once again return on your next visit to earth to rerun that learning cycle until you do grasp it fully.

You might be wondering how do we fully learn and fulfil the lessons that we actually choose when in our spiritual form?

There are many forms in how lessons come to us to learn, but basically they come to us in the event of recurring events. And for us to fully learn the lesson, we need to be open to the idea of change and adapting to new scenarios.

We also need to learn to listen to our own feelings and be run by them, instead of the ideals of someone else’s life. So some situations might be:

The Law of Cycles   How to Harness & Understand It In Your Life

1. A friend of family member who bosses you around and your lesson is to stand up to that person and run your own life to your ideals (in a loving way of course).

2. Being fully heard in situations where people really need to hear what you have to say, even though what has to be said may not be very palatable.

3. Learning how to mix with crowds and making friends with new people.

4. Avoidance of applying for higher prestige jobs, club positions etc because of fear of your own failure, so you need to learn self-confidence in your own ability.

5. You might feel inferior or shy of others who are more developed than you are, either in their job, possessions or personality. Therefore your lesson is to learn how to be content and self-fulfilled right where you are.

You might have some other patterns in your life, that you can now identify and write down, and begin working at breaking those patterns in your life, so you learn the lesson and break the cycle.

As you learn from those around you, always remember to stay centred to your own beliefs and not adopt those of others. This is so you can stay true to yourself and begin trusting your own intuition, which will guide you to break unproductive habits if you trust your gut and let it guide you.

Keep in mind every living thing, right down to the sub-atomic particle has a divine intelligence of its own, and is on its cycle back to its base origin. So as people, things and situations arise, know that they too are only part of a cycle in your life and will come to pass.

Now that you understand the law of cycles, you’ll be better equipped to get more out of the lessons, cycles and patterns currently existent in your life now.