The Law of Dedication – Your Path to Achievement

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To implement the law of dedication in your activities and goal setting is an extremely wise move on your part, and I’ll be explaining why in this article. Dedication is something that is very seldom seen in people for any length of time, and can be quite difficult to practice unless we truly feel inspired (in-spirit) by our actions. If we feel inspired, passionate and on-purpose in our life then we’ll remain dedicated to the projects at hand.

You’ve probably seen new employees come into a new role and then very quickly move on, sometime within days of being newly employed? The reasons for this can be varied, sometime they receive a better offer and move on, other times they it’s just a realization that “this isn’t for them” and they may not even know why, but just know they need to move on.

This occurs from not being on purpose or truly passionate about what it is your doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying quit your job because you don’t like it, in spite of you needing an income, that’s not what I’m saying here. But this can be the reason why over time you decide to move on in whatever situation it is you’re in. Therefore you don’t feel as dedicated to something because it’s not in complete alignment with your purpose or passion.

The Law of Dedication   Your Path to Achievement

We often cannot do exactly what it is we want in a work situation and find ourselves in a job we don’t entirely like. But what we can do to counter these scenarios is find something about that job or create a goal from the income that you create from that job and focus on that.

By focussing on the positives, you’ll be able to get through the day a lot easier because you know you’re on purpose and are doing something that fuels your passion. Even though the activities your currently involved in may not be your ideal ones, at least your zest for achieving your goals and purpose will be in alignment with the law of dedication.

But living with the law of dedication at the forefront of your life is more than just sticking to your job. Being dedicated to your own self-improvement and spiritual awakening is of utmost importance, because if you are a student of spiritual development and constantly nourish your mind with wholesome learning you’re life will fall into place as it should.

So if I had one thing to choose from in my life that I was dedicated to, it would be studying, learning and applying the laws of the universe in my own life. I know that just by writing these articles, and reading and re-reading about the various laws of the universe, I’ve learnt a new lesson each time and that keeps me on purpose and refocusses my dedication to what is truly important in my life.

The law of dedication plays it’s part in your life whether you choose to utilize it actively by focussing on the higher goals in your life. It’s also existent if you don’t even know about it, you could still quite as easily be dedicated to doing nothing and be oblivious to the fact.

This is why I’m so glad you’ve found these pages and my site, and hope that it’s just the beginning of your spiritual and success education in your life.