The Law of Divine Love – A Universal Necessity for All Mankind

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Divine love The God power, or law of divine love is present in everything in this universe. It is also the source of all knowledge and the supreme source of ultimate power. There is nothing more supreme or powerful than the law of divine love (the God force), as he/she is the creator of all things and represent every concept, thought, and creation that exists.

So this divine and beautiful love energy that permeates through everything, and is thought of as the binding that holds everything together in the universe. You might think of it as energy as “the divine blueprint,” and is the essence within the law of divine love.

Divine love is also represented as “unconditional love” and is present at the molecular level in the heart of everything. Therefore, if love is at our core, then we need to begin to develop that love which we are, then as we develop that, it will begin to spread from within us to every molecule in our body. This will in turn heal every disease process inside of us, and once we are healed, we will then begin to be able to do our part in the process of healing the world by spreading unconditional love.

The unconditional love process is the law of divine love in its purest form, being able to manifest balance, peace and harmony in all living entities and all experience that we go through, one hundred percent of the time. There is absolutely no boundaries or restrictions on how endless unconditional love is, because it’s so pure and is completely connected with God all the time.

The Law of Divine Love   A Universal Necessity for All Mankind

You might be wondering how this unconditional love is presented to the world we live in?

Quite simply, if you look at any process of destruction there are always hints of unconditional love within them. If you look at a rose for instance, the scent that lies within it, comes out even stronger after it is crushed, so you might begin to focus on unconditional love as “the scent the rose leaves behind, upon the heal that has crushed it.” If you look at a storm there is the rainbow that comes out afterwards or the green grass that fills the fields of drought after a destructive flood, there are always little clues of God’s unconditional love and the law of divine love in everything.

So in this life, i.e. the life we live here on this earth as spirits inside a human body, we have complete freedom to experience whatever path we desire through free will. God or the universal power (call it what you will) has untapped and endless love for us, no matter what we do here on this earth.

We will never be punished for our sins from this physical plane, because we are part of God, and God has allowed us to become separated from the spiritual form by living temporarily for one hundred years or so in our human form. He gave us the right to choose our lessons to learn here on this earth via free will, so if we choose to be peaceful, kind and loving, which I believe is our purpose to experience in human form.

Or if we choose to be destructive in its many variations, for whatever reason, when we return home (to our source of spirit “God”) we won’t be sent to hell or punished, because well be like a drop of water being returned to the ocean. And the ocean wouldn’t cause itself to dry up, just because one drop of water did something wrong on its decent back into itself. The God force will never punish us, but rather gives us the freedom to learn and what we choose to experience on this earth plane.

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “there’s no tree foolish enough, to have branches that would fight amongst themselves,” meaning, that if a branch in a tree tried to kill another part of the tree, it in essence would be killing itself. And so it goes with us as humans, while we are here on earth and as we are in heaven, either way, we’re meant to be kind to one another to keep balance. Because if we try and hurt someone else, we are only hurting ourselves because we are that person when we return to spirit.

We’re even still connected as humans on this earth, and every thought, action and emotion we feel and think has an effect on others, even if we don’t tell them, thoughts are energy and they affect other energy forces.

Why do you think if you’re happy and walk into a room of doomy, gloomy people, that you soon become gloomy yourself? But if you’re sad, and walk into a room of happy people, you’ll soon become happy? It’s because the interaction of your energy and theirs are interacting and meshing together, and the majority wins usually.

But if you were the source of unconditional happiness (love), just as Jesus Christ was, then you could walk into a room of 1 infinite sadness and raise the energy levels of the room to be blissfully happy, just as Jesus did with so many seemingly doomed scenarios where people had a very bleak outlook. And this is what happens when we return to our source, even if we’ve been a murdered on this planet and indeed seen as being very evil, when we return to the source (God) of pure unconditional love, we also become that unconditional love.

The key to the law of divine love is not to think of yourself as being separate from it. But rather to have an unconditional love outlook, which will cause you to be close to your source, and cause your body and being to vibrate at a higher level. It’s only when you believe the illusions of this earth plane, and the seeming doom and gloom that we see and hear every day, that we begin to separate ourselves from that of the divine essence that we are.

We are here to learn the lesson of re-discovering ourselves, and in essence “waking up” from what we already are at the core, but forgot about when we chose to come to this earth and physical plane. The law of divine love and being aware of this universal law, will help raise your awareness of your divine self. And in waking up to what you were when in spirit form, you’ll be able to raise the energy of the people on this experiment that God calls earth.

Deep but true, and I hope you’ve learnt a lot from this segment on the law of unconditional love.