The Law of Forgiveness – How Forgiveness Can Change Everything?

If most of the world utilized the law of forgiveness more regularly the world would look a lot different than it is. We as human beings would also be a whole lot different within ourselves as well.

Imagine growing up with no hate, fear, doubt or negativity in your mind just as the Hawaiian Kahuna’s, they were raised to never have any doubtful or lower vibration thoughts. This thought process creates an amazing healing quality that comes from within, anyone they touch or interact with they change due to their heightened vibration.

This does in fact work very well if you practice this way of thinking, you will soon begin to feel a very unique glow coming from within and a beautiful joy. You will also free yourself from the poisonous feelings of regret, jealousy, spite, fear and non-forgiveness which is the by product of all these emotions.

The way to escape the endless loop of non-forgiveness, is by “letting go” and actually forgiving every energy force, action and person who tries to harm you. Whether the hurt against you is intentional or not, you need to learn to forgive as that is your passage way to self destruction if you can’t let it go.

The late Dr Wayne Dyer states in a story about forgiveness, it involved himself and his father who was long deceased. For years Dr Dyer lived with the ghost of his dad who used to beat him and treat him very bad, until one day he decided to run away. His lesson in life was to learn “self-independence” and therefore the universe put his young life into a boys home, where he learned the way of the streets and how to defend himself against predators, and bullies.

The Law of Forgiveness   How Forgiveness Can Change Everything?

Over the years, as he finally made the vow to make a change, so that his family would never have to live in poverty, he became a doctor but he still carried his hatred of his father around with him, which forever held him back from his fullest potential.

I wasn’t until he finally got a phone call one day telling him that his father had passed away and the realization that he had never forgiven his father all those years of him being alive that it dawned on him to go an finally put to rest, what he’d been carrying around for so long.

Dr Dyer stood at his father’s grave some years later, and prayed for his dad and finally said the words “I’m sorry, I love you and I forgive you,” from that point forward immense healing took place in his life and the lives of those around him.

The point of this seemingly, over simplistic (and possibly not 100% accurate story) is that by forgiving, and through living to the law of forgiveness you can open the flood gates to love, compassion and understanding. As opposed to the lower vibration emotions which will cause you to move along at a very slow and difficult pace.

If you wish to learn more about Dr Dyer you can hear or read about his story via his materials at his website here.

I urge you to learn and practice the law of forgiveness as much as you can, and to any extent that you can, it will change your life.